i have a dog. the dog has fleas. the yard has fleas. part of my house has fleas. how do i get rid of them plain and simple. i have no cat.


  1. Island Queen

    Yes they are the same. You need to remove the dog from the home (put him outside for a few hours) and flea bomb it. Then flea dip the dog and give the dog Advantage every month. Also you can spray your lawn and yard for fleas with products from Home Depot or Lowes.

  2. Imagine

    I’m pretty sure that fleas are fleas. I hate those suckers !!!!
    The problem is letting them get out of control. Once they get a foothold it’s extremely difficult to get rid of them.
    The only way is to bath your dog constantly, spray the carpet with a spray that kills the eggs and larvae, and spray the yard some too, but that can be never ending.
    The new sprays and even the drops you put on a dog’s neck are engineered to neuter the fleas so that they won’t reproduce. If you’re covered in fleas it will take weeks to get rid of them, but it can be done if you stay the course.
    If absolutely necessary, use foggers in the house or apartment to get the process started, but it will take a lot of work. Personally I don’t like using foggers, but sometimes it’s the only way because they lay eggs in places you can’t get to.
    Good luck !!!

  3. Baby'sMo

    Revolution or Advantage. There is no difference in the fleas, the difference is in the animal and the medications intended for the animal. A dog’s flea medicine is too strong for a cat. I’ve found that the revolution keeps the fleas mostly out of the house also: fleas jump on cat, revolution kills ’em. It’s great stuff, a little pricey but worth the effort. Also have to vacuum the carpet a lot to get the dead ones up, etc. My friend uses sevin on her yard for fleas.

  4. Barry G

    Yes the only difference is the amount of the flea deterrent because of the weight and size of the dog or cat.

  5. La-z Ike

    bathe the dog, bomb the house. you don’t have any in the yard. they like warm places where they can eat.

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