We will be working on commands and he would sometimes just walk away sniffing something out or not respond to the come command. I tried to ignore him but sometimes it doesn’t work.


  1. Mike

    he might be tired, confused, think the training is abusive or just not fun any more. Look for ways to change the routine so it is interesting but still routine enough for him to learn the principles you are trying to teach, easier for him to be successful and get a reward. Like people dogs have good and bad days. try to judge when he has reached his saturation level for that day. be sure you spend quality time together outside the training sessions so that he is really bonded to you and centers his world around you. hope this helps some. mike d

  2. Diana

    If I were you, I would teach him with treats. Hold the treat where he can see, DON’T GIVE IT TO HIM YET! Say down and point to the ground. Keep doing that until he lays down. After a few tries, make him sit then push his butt down. Make sure once he’s down, give him the yummy treat!
    Heres a course you can take to have a better understanding of your dog http://www.easy-dog-obedience-training.c…
    I hope this works, Good Luck.

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