I know there is somthing I can treat me yard with to get rid of fleas…..what is it?


  1. J.D.

    If you can still find it, Diazinon or Dursban.
    If not, Ortho also has the Sevin insecticide in either the dust or a liquid concentrate for a hose-end sprayer.

  2. divacolo

    Use Sevin!!!! Works every time! you can buy it at your local Home and Garden Store. Believe me it works every time. Follow the directions on the package. Just spread it on the lawn then water the lawn. You won’t believe how good it works!!!!

  3. metroblu

    If you don’t have one, get an insecticide / spray bottle that attaches to your hose. It’s about quart size, hardware stores have them for around $5.00. Add 1 cup of dish soap and 1 can of beer to the sprayer. Hit the yard with a good coating, refill as needed.
    This really works! To test its ability first, place 1/4 cup dish soap ( any kind ) and 1/2 cup beer in a disposable pie pan, set it out where you have the problem, and see how many bugs accumulate in the dish. It attracts and kills, just like Diazinon, and it gets snails and slugs as well. Biodegradable*
    Good luck!

  4. Rja

    What ever insecticide you use do it again 7 days later to get the new hatchlings and again in another seven days to be sure.

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