I’m reading his book “Cesar’s Way” right now, and it’s great!


  1. Aphrodite *BYBs-truth hurts huh?

    A lot of people on this particular website hate on him I find.
    I have no problems with his training methods and I think he is a great example of a pack leader who also cares about the dogs as well – you know, not just training them to be a fixture in your house, but as a family member as well.
    He does live by that your dog is not your child, but he doesn’t treat them like a robot.
    EDIT – wow, some people are so jaded. Just because people like his techniques, does not mean that they are somehow of inferior intelligence to any of you – I think we all understand that just because they have to fit 3 cases into one hour doesn’t mean that is the actual elapsed time spent on fixing the dog.
    Uncle whatever his name is – quick to call people idiots. Chigirl was saying that people who don’t enforce the “pack mentality” and become “leaders” of their pack are going to have problems with their dogs. I think that is a very fair assessment no matter what trainer you like. Also, he has worked for celebrities and their dogs – do a little research on the topic please 🙂

  2. Luli

    I think that Cesar’s methods are fantastic ***for fixing dogs that already have behavioural issues***
    Watching it also helps owners to understand how they themselves cause these issues, which broadens every ones mind which is always a good thing.
    I feel i have learned a lot from watching him, even if i hope i never have to use his methods to correct a dog.
    As for training a puppy from scratch, i just feel there are better methods out there.
    I personally refer clicker training and positive reinforcement to actively train a puppy.
    However, i believe that most basic training can be easily be achieved by simply giving your dog attention at the right times and ignoring them at other times.
    Dogs should not get babied.

  3. WP Autoblog Software

    Most professionals realize there are far superior ways to accomplish training without being at the expense of the personal relationship between us and the canine. (If you watch carefully, you’ll see this is severely lacking between him and his pack.) It’s also the novice who believes his show hasn’t been edited and re-edited to make it look like he accomplishes miracles within minutes…truly irresponsible to do that to the unsuspecting public who believes something is wrong when they realize they actually have to put some work into the process to realize honest results!
    If you want a more realistic and responsible view of proper training, tune into Victoria Stillwell on Animal Planet. Great advice and an honest perspective without the self-glorification.

  4. B B

    I absolutely appreciate Cesar Millan. I have been able to rescue my third dog and he bit 3 people previously.
    He had lots of issues of abuse and now he totally trusts me and wants my leadership.
    I have been able to work with my rescue dog and now he is the most social dog and loves to meet people and other dogs.
    I was already training my first two dogs and didn’t think twice about adopting the third dog. I had a lot of knowledge and I work on constant learning about training my dogs. I find that I learn more from Cesar than anyone else. I study his shows to learn techniques.
    My dogs are awesome and we work really well as a pack. I love the book Cesar’s Way.

  5. m33marie

    My Dad thinks Cesar is god lol. I use some of his techiques with my own dogs but sometimes don’t have the patience for somethings. For example with them pulling on the leash he says you just stop and wait until they stop pulling but I live in an apartment so this doesn’t really work for me. If I stopped every time my dog pulled he would pee all over in the hallway.

  6. cellular window blinds

    i think he is amazing and many of his techniques have worked for me and my dogs. though they may not work for EVERY dog out there. which he does admit. he does have a presence about him that dogs respect so he can always get the dog to listen a little faster than someone else that is not confident can. but at least he can show them that their dog has the potential be a well behaved dog. he treats dogs like dogs and uses what dogs understand. not everybody agrees with him as i have found on other sites, but everybody has their own opinion

  7. ♥Chigirl♥ *Happy Thanksgiving*

    I love Cesar & I watch his show religiously.
    I too, use the same methods & my dogs are pretty much perfect.
    I am a firm believer that your dog is a reflection of yourself.
    Anyone who disagrees with pack leadership & mentality, I bet you their dog has issues.

  8. Rapid Fire

    Cesar Milan’s dog training methods would not work for me.
    Besides being my dog’s pack leader I am also his friend and he is mine. My training involves a smatter of leadership and a lot of trust and mutual respect. But my dog has no doubts as to who is in charge – and it’s not him.

  9. *Sombra*

    Not a fan.
    Cesar’s methods work for Cesar, obviously … I haven’t got all day, every day to spend shoving “alpha” down my dogs’ throats, but I’m pretty sure my dogs know who’s in charge.

  10. Babygoo8

    i just got his magazine yesterday i think it’s great too. i like his shows a lot though i know a lot of people are against his method. but…i have to say that his method works!

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