We took care of a stray kitten, and now we can’t get rid of the fleas in our house. I don’t want to poison us.


  1. rfid vehicle applications

    Go to almost any store,and buy treatments called foggers.Your gonna have to get out of the dwelling for a couple of hours.I’ve used them in the past,with great results.Good luck their nasty little things arent they.

  2. tagette

    Non toxic methods:
    Vacuum daily and empty vacuum bags into outside bin for at least three weeks. Do fabric covered chairs as well as floor. The life cycle of the flea is about three weeks, and they particularly like carpets.
    Float a lighted tea light in a broad basin of water with a few drops of washing up liquid in it. Place on floor Fleas are attracted to warmth. They won’t drown in ordinary water as the surface tension of the water is too great.
    There are electric flea killers that work by using warmth to attract fleas and then fry them.
    Next time you have a stray in, comb it with a flea comb and put any fleas you catch in bowl of water with washing up liquid in, or give a bath in warm water and baby shampoo. Go over the head area afterwards. Kittens are often heavily infested so you may see blood. Make sure you dry kitty after and wearing gloves.
    might be a good idea as kittens scratch.

  3. Gilly Bean

    Pour table salt all over the house, on the furniture, on the carpet, etc. A big thing of salt is like $1.50, so buy 2 or 3 of them. Let the salt sit over night, then vaccuum the house really good. Toss the vacuum bag, but double wrap it first in plastic bags, then remove it from hte house (in case any are still alive).
    Repeate this 2 days later, to get any eggs that hatched but didn’t get vacuumed up the first time.
    That should work after two vacuumings, but a third treatment can be done easily, too.
    Make sure you treat the cat, though, as well, with a shampoo. Until the cat is clean, you’ll still have flea problems.

  4. T_Jania

    Remember that fleas have a cycle that you must work with in order to kill them. The poisons kill the fleas, but not the eggs. Fleas lay eggs and 30 days later, more fleas.
    Fleas lay eggs in the carpet and under furniture and in the furniture.
    Step 1: Choose your flea killer and apply it. Keep the kids and animals out of the house for the day while it’s working. I prefer an incecticide specifically for fleas.
    Step 2. Vacuum the entire carpet, under the furniture and all. Vacuum the furniture, too.
    Step 3. Important! Empty the vacuum bag and take it out to the can. Do not leave it in the house!
    Step 4. Repeat this cycle once a month for 3 or 4 months. You have to wait for the flea eggs to hatch before you can kill the fleas. If you don’t repeat the cycle for at least 3 months, you will not get rid of your fleas.
    You may also want to go to the vet and get some Revolution for your cat. It’s a medicine you put on the back of your cat. Yeah, you could get a subsititue at Walmart for cheaper, but nothing beats Revolution. You could use Front Line, which is Revolution without the Heartworm meds… Anyway, the Revolution goes on the cat once per month. The beauty of the drug is that once the flea bites the cat, it loses it’s ability to reproduce and it will help combat the flea infestation in tandem with the above steps.
    Happy flea hunting!

  5. tradcobd

    If you go to the vet, get the flea treatment that you put on the back of the cat’s neck. in england it is called Frontline. This kills the fleas on the cat and disrupts the breeding cycle of the flea. I used it on mine and my house has been flea free for years. It works. You don’t need to treat the rest of the house and bedding etc either.

  6. tramps3

    You’ve got your hands full with a stray kitten. You need to keep giving the kitten flea baths until there is no more fleas on it. You also have to get rid of them in your house, or you will never get rid of the fleas on your kitten. I know some people who are homeowners, and when a vacant apartment is infested, they use some sort of a special bomb that kills off fleas in the entire apartment.

  7. First Lady

    Do you mean flea spray for the carpets or flea stuff for the cat? I’ve had a lot of success with the carpet sprays. You can also try to vacuum each room really good and then throw away the bag immediately. That also helps.

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