I’m just curious… And my cousins dog has fleas, it’s a Pomeranian.
Also, any safe remedies to get rid of fleas? Without using any flea medication. 🙂


  1. Shelby

    Dog breeds that have longer fur (like Pomeranians) are more likely to get fleas because their fur just traps things. However, I’ve never heard of a certain breed having more flea problems then the other besides fur length. Hope that helps!

  2. kristend

    Any breed can get fleas. It’s just easier to see them on short haired dogs and cats. I would use food grade diatomaceous earth to get rid of fleas. It’s non toxic, and perfectly safe for people and pets. You can even feed it to your dog to help kill the fleas. It works quite well. I have also heard of using apple cider vinegar, although I’ve never tried it.

  3. Jessica L

    any household that has cats because fleas are actually attracted to cats. they will just settle for dogs. flea shampoo is the only way that i know of to get rid of them and it takes more than one wash. but if the dog has sensitive skin you may have to take the dog to vet to get a specially formulated shampoo.

  4. bak0ntra

    Yes…Long haired dogs get it more… If you can chop up a piece of garlic in her food every day it will keep the dog from getting any bites from any insect…… keeps fleas off…. i breed saint Bernard’s and cocker spaniels. And that’s what I use… They love it … Garlic tablets work just as well…. Good luck,, Also give the dog a bath in dawn dish sop…

  5. researched it

    It doesn’t matter. All dogs get fleas. It is harder to comb out fleas from a breed that has a longer coat, but combing out fleas is not the most effective method to get rid of fleas. Pick the breed based on the breed’s personality and how it will mesh with your lifestyle. Then read the attached article for how to fight fleas.

  6. 11,000+ dogs will die today

    The longer or thicker the fur, the harder it is to control and/or find fleas.
    I find a mirical worker on fleas are flea collars.
    simple white colored collars you will find at your petstore.
    pretty cheap too.

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