I was told that UKC Obedience is the only one that Goldendoodle’s can enter in. However, I don’t see that breed as a choice on their website!


  1. IQ test

    That’s because a Goldendoodle isn’t purebred. It can be registered as an Ambor (American Mixed Breed Obedience Registry) and I think the fee is around $25-$35.
    I know the UKC has a website and I’m pretty sure the American Mixed Breed Obedience Registry (or Register) has one also. Try googling for more information.

  2. WyrDachs

    You are partly correct. The United Kennel Club and Australian Shepherd Club of America, welcomes mixbreeds in their agility and obedience programs.
    The reason your not seeing your “breed” is because Goldendoodles are not a breed, they are a mixbreed. So in UKC, your dog will be listed as an AMBOR (American Mix Breed Obedience Registry), which is the Parent Club for mixbreed dogs.
    With the UKC, you will need to send proof of spay/neuter in order to get your Mix an ILP # to compete in Obedience, Agility, Rally Obedience, Weight Pull or Dock Diving.
    With Australian Shepherd Club of Ameirca, they only register Aussies, but they do give Non-Aussies, including Mixbreeds a tracking number so you can enter the performance events: obedience, agility and tracking. With ASCA also, you dog will be listed as a MixBreed, not as a oodlesomething.
    AMBOR (American Mix Breed Obedience Registry) as I mentioned, is the Parent Club for Mixbreeds. They require that all dogs registered with them are spayed and neutered. They track your qualifying scores in the various venues that are open to mixbreeds and give out yearly awards for Top Ten.
    For agility, the venues that are open to mixbreeds are: United States Dog Agility (USDAA), NADAC, CPE, DOCNA. Since these are not breed registries, but agility registries, you can call your dog whatever you want.
    Lastly, for Rally Obedience, there APDT (Associate of Pet Dog Trainers), where you will also need to show proof of spay/neuter to register the dog. There’s also UKC for Rally obedience.
    edit: Zuzia..you don’t have a clue of what your talking about. You obviously have never been to a show or seen how these dogs are trained.
    My old beagle mix (who is passed on) used to smile when she was running. When she did obedience, her tail went a mile a minute, she absolutely loved working and was heartbroken when she had to retire.
    I currently train dachshunds, my boy has a wonderful work ethic, he loves agility. How do I know? By his body language, by the fact that he barks at me until it’s our turn. Training has been nothing but a positive experience for him and highly rewarded with very tasty treats and his squeeky ball, so thus, he loves to learn.

  3. celtic.p

    That would be because you don’t have a breed, you have a mutt.
    Any competition usually has a mutt section, divided by weight/size.

  4. Houston Apartment

    i’m not sure about showing if thats what you’re looking for, but I know there are several agility competitions that any dog of any breed can join. one might be through AKC, but I’m not 100%.

  5. Wicked Witchâ„¢ of the West

    In order to enter in UKC or AKC events the dog MUST be a purebred. Golden Poodle mixes are NOT nor will they ever be purebred.

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