About a week ago, I used the Frontline plus on my dog. I am regular with the dosage. But about two days ago my husband and I noticed hundreds, it seemed, of fleas all over her, and we are still picking them off. She is so pitiful, too. I am to try a flea shampoo tomorrow. But is there any other advice?


  1. kitkat

    I went through this problem recently. I battled it for a couple weeks. I found treating everything the same day worked best. I got my dog capstar pills from the 24 hour vet. Then I treated my yard, vacuumed my house, washed all bedding in hot water, and put off bug bombers. While the but bombers were going off I took my dog to have a bath and flea dip. I then came home and put diametrious earth under all my furniture where the bug foggers may not have reached. Then within 10 days I repeated the process. I have not seen a flea since.
    I continued to give my dog the capstar pills every other day for a week. The box says they only work for 24 hours but they worked on my dog for 48 hours. This kills the fleas within 30 minutes.
    The fleas will be back if you don’t treat the total enviornment.

  2. JOHN O

    Yeah, give the poor pooch a good bath in Flea Rid shampoo (or a similar brand) & then use the Frontline, after it’s completely dry.
    Also, if it’s an indoor dog, then I’d bug-bomb the house (while empty, obviously) & if it’s an outside dog, then you should check on diazanon or other outdoor insecticides.
    To kill all the fleas on the dog only solves the immediate problem. It’s re-infestation that is hard to prevent!

  3. reallyit

    Make sure you READ the directions for frontline or any other as you can burn the skin.
    What type of dog and what is the outside environment like where she walks, high grass, wildlife in yard at night, squirrels, raccoons etc.
    Are fleas in your home too, put on a pair of kneee high white socks and drag your feet around and under the edges of furniture, if found post again.
    Do the bath/dip and re-applyfront linee AFTER reading the instructions, It sounds like you might have bought OLD Frontline as permethrin is very effective. I think they might have changed the ingredients and added a juv growth hormone to stop the eggs ( A GOOD thing)
    Until you bath her I would comb out all the flea, keep her in the house and see if she picks up more fleas tonight.

  4. Mary P

    The instructions on the package tell you that you must clean the house well, vacuum everything including the furniture and bedding. The dog could be picking them up outside too, if he is in an area where there are other dogs. Brush him well. Do the flea shampoo. Don’t overdose on the Frontline Plus. That is one medicine that works well.
    Keep vacuuming, cleaning, brushing, shampooing, and good luck to you (and your dog).

  5. lane

    Few dog owners are fortunate enough to avoid an eventual run-in with fleas, the most common dog parasites. Even with regular bathing and grooming, the tireless critters can find their way to the tender flesh of unsuspecting dogs (and dog owners). The bloodsuckers not only don’t pay rent, they cause itching and can transmit diseases to their hosts.
    Here’s how to fight and prevent flea infestations, http://dogtime.com/flea-control-tips-aah…

  6. JessicaC

    Vectra 3D is a topical flea treatment sold only at vet offices, but Its AMAZING! I work at an animal hospital and will never get another flea treatment for my pets, its water proof, and when the dogs hair falls onto the carpet or wherever, it also kills fleas living there. The difference is it attracts the fleas, then kills them AND their eggs.
    You could also go to your vet, ask for a capstar and then give a bath, then apply vectra. GOOD LUCK

  7. KAT

    Give her a Flee Dip in the tub then Spray your house so she doesn’t continue to get them. Your house has to be loaded with fleas. Wait a few hours and if she doesn’t have any fleas after the dip add her medication between her shoulder blades (Frontline Plus). You can get a spray for the house at your VETs also ask him why she still has fleas. I think she is getting them from your house now.

  8. Maltese Mom

    Unfortunately, Frontline and Advantage aren’t working as well as they used to. A bath with a flea shampoo will help some but I haven’t found one that is totally effective. If the coat is short, a good flea comb will be very effective. I used to do my dog in the bathroom and just flush them.
    You might try to find some Capstar (a pill, available online or at vet, starts killing within 30 mins. and is out of the system within 24 hours) or Comfortis (a new pill, available at vet, given once a month, about the same cost as Frontline or Advantage). I’ve used both on my dogs and both are very effective.
    You probably need to bomb your house also. If she has that many fleas on her you’ve got them in your house as well.

  9. Charlie

    I would Never use Frontline on ANY pet…Ever!! They are in a Multi-Million dollar law suit by thousands of people. They had well over 50,000 complaints from people from all over the world. Between 6 months to 1 year, over 300,000 household pets died because frontline uses pesticides in their products!!!

    IF you need to use anything like that go with Advantage. Another good way to kill fleas in your home and on and around your home and pets is to use Dawn Dish soap. The Original stuff.

    Bath your animals in dawn dish soap once every three months and take some silver metal pie pans, place the dawn dish soap in the bottom of the pan and then fill it up with hot water. Fleas are attracted to this and will jump in and die. repeat this process every night and day. You will see a Huge difference.

  10. 911Newfs

    Unfortunately, treating only your dog will not get rid of the fleas. Fleas remain in the carpet, bedding, yard, etc.
    The best way to get rid of the fleas, is to treat all areas of the house and yard. see the following links for more information on natural and safe ways to get rid of fleas.

  11. bluebonn

    Dawn dish soap will kill the fleas. Dilute the Dawn way down & use it as a shampoo.
    But you have to also treat the area she is in outside as well as treat her. You see what happens when she goes bach into an infested yard.
    If your dog is an inside dog you will have to treat your home for fleas as well as the yard & the dog.

  12. Hillary

    It seems as if she’s going somewhere to pick them up. We do Frontline and flea shampoo in between, but every now and then there are still some lives ones on our Shih-Tzu. Try to monitor where she goes and especially if she is around other animals who may not be treated for fleas.

  13. S S

    Well have you tried going online to healthyfoodforpets.com maybe their products can help you out to rid those fleas. Good Luck.

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