I need to get the fleas out of my house i washed all the animals with flea shampoo,and i have carpet all over my house, i kno they are still here what is the most effective way to get them out of the carpet?


  1. pearl_68

    I’m not sure but I guess the only way is to bomb the house.
    We’ve gotten some carpet powder but I don’t recommend it cuz it didn’t work at all. We asked at the pet store and they recommend to bomb it, cuz it’s the most effective way…

  2. Dew

    there is bug bombs you put a couple in your house and then it will kill the fleas and any other bugs you may have.it is the isle at the store where mice poisiong and such are.you have to leave the house when doing this.Good Luck

  3. undertow

    There are flea repellents at your local pet store. Also vacumn and empty your vacumn as soon as you are finish. Get into the cracks also.

  4. popcorns

    One of my dogs got fleas, and they were really bad. First make sure your pets are clear: you have already washed them, but I recommend also getting Advantage which is a flea and other insect treatment. You can get it from your vet. Or you can also just get a flea collar. This will help prevent the fleas being attracted to your pets again. The next thing I would recommend is getting the Raid Flea Trap. It was a few years ago that I had the problem, but this trap was a thing with a green light on it, and a sticky pad that attracted the bugs and killed them. It was quite effective. Also, try vacuuming your carpet and furniture. Vacuuming will not solve the problem, but it certainly will help. Good luck with your pets, and don’t scratch the bites. Trust me on that.

  5. jmrob29

    If you want to go “natural” you just need to keep vacuuming because the new eggs hatch every day. After you vacuum be sure to quickly change your vacuum bag, seal it up and throw it away.
    Otherwise call an exterminator. For around $35 they will spray your home from top to bottom and those guys will be gone in a heartbeat! If you choose to spray yourself just note that the stuff you buy in the stores is not as effective as the stuff the exterminator has access to…but the store-bought chemicals can be dangerous to your pets.
    Remember to vacuum and throw away the bag frequently as newly hatched fleas are still a possibility for the next 2 weeks. (eggs can be missed by chemicals – those little shells are thick!)
    Be careful! Good luck!

  6. GirlinNB

    What I did was put baby powder (yes the regular powder), put it thickly all over my carpets and left it for 24 hours. Then got a steam cleaner and cleaned them. Didn’t have fleas after that. If they are still in your carpet before you do this, you’ll have to quarantine your animals until this is done then rewash them or you’ll just be transferring fleas to the animals again then back to the carpet. It’s a long drawn-out process but the powder and steam cleaner worked for me.

  7. Somanyqu

    Poor salt all over the carpet and leave it for a couple hours or a whole day if possible. This should dry out their eggs and any adults on the carpet. It may dry out your feet if you are home walking around. Vacuum a lot and throw out the vacuum bags as they will escape the bag if left in there.
    If not get a flea bomb……

  8. lizzy tish

    you need to go to the store and get some Borax its powdered laundry soap sprinkle it all over it wont hurt anyone and leave it there for about a week then vacuum and poof no more fleas

  9. mort

    DO IT RIGHT—Do a search— pest controle– you can fined out all about your problem— and take the proper action

  10. Spanish mortgages Spain

    all that cheap stuff does NOT help… I had 3 cats and lots of flea problems. We had to hire someone. Vacuum often. Contact Vet. He/ She will provide additional suggestions. Flea collars /advantex also help with the problem, even if you have bathed the cats. Honestly vacuum again…….

  11. babbles

    This is how I did it a few months ago…
    Set up bug foggers or bug bombs around your house…ready so all you have to do is pull the plug.
    give your animals a bath…and then put into a warm car, wet with some towells.
    Then activate the bug bombs…
    Drive some place about an hour away….go out to eat….head back home….open your windows…drive around for another 1/2 hour, then all the fleas will be gone.

  12. Sharon Cohen

    “Boric acid powder can be sprinkled onto clean carpets to keep fleas at bay (but test a small area of your carpet first, to make sure it is colorfast). Boric acid compounds are available commercially, specifically for flea control purposes. ”
    More information at Associated Content, link below:

  13. Mary S

    Borax soap is the best thing but it’s hard to find-it’s old school if you know what I mean. The next best thing regular talcom powder either one you choose make sure to leave in the carpet for a day or two then vaccum. It really works! I’m low income so I need the most affordable items possible to take care of my cats. They had fleas about two months ago so we gave them all a bath and sprinkled baby powder on the rug and left it over night – no more fleas.

  14. tajmina

    Tough one, make sure to clean and vacuum everything. Rather than flea powder I would go with the flea bomb, but make sure everyone, the cats and house plants can leave. Get the cats on the Zodiac or Advantage (1 treatment dot on their shoulders) but do not use the Hartz brand (made my friends cat really sick). Make sure not to leave anything on the floor like towells or clothes, and be sure to change out all vacuum bags. Be sure to hit all the closets and any place your cat may hang out, like the top of the dresser or bedding. You need to do all of this fairly quickly (within a day) so they don’t just move around. Good luck, I hate the li’l blood suckers.

  15. nomorega

    Check with your vet and see if you can get Siphotrol House Treatment. This is a spray that you can use on your upholstery and carpets, and it definitely will kill the fleas. Make sure you don’t let any of your animals on the carpets/furniture while the spray is still wet, this will harm them. Once it is dry, it’s OK for them to be around.

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