He was going to the front door just fine for the past 4 months; now, he just pees wherever he wants. The only change is that he got fixed, but that wouldn’t effect his potty training, right? What do I do with a dog that knows what’s right, but seems to disobey all of the sudden??


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    When children are growing up and learning potty training, they sometimes go thru a regression period and this could be the same for your dog. You will likely need to take the time to reinforce what’s already been learned.

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    I agree with the advice to visit the vet for a check. However, a lot depends how/when he does it.. Is it the same place/area all or most of the time?
    Is it while you are home or when he/she is left alone. It could be separation anxiety. It could be not enough attention or jealous of another pet or new household member.
    I have 4 dogs. They will do it occasionally if door is closed and they can’t get out. I also have one area I have to block off (I have renters in that room) and my Chow will go pee and defecate in front of that room door if I don’t. But she sneaks and do it.
    But to their credit, usually they will not. Twice during the night, they sleep with me in my room, she had diarea and she did it as close to the toilet as she could get. Good luck.

  3. Jada

    You should take him to a vet immediately to make sure that there is no underlying medical problem. Otherwise, you might just need to potty train him again!

  4. Steph L

    It could be due to neutering. I guess you’d better start from square one with the potty training, as annoying as that may be.

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