Most dog owners are now aware that chocolate has the capacity to seriously harm or even kill our greedy, canine pals. Many vets experience calls from dog owners who are panic sticken because their pet has eaten a bar of chocolate by mistake or somebody has given their dog some chocolate without realsiing the potential harm it can do.

So, let’s get straight to the point. Can chocolate kill dogs?

The short answer is yes. Chocolate can indeed cause a dog to die if ingested in enough quantity.

A single, shop purchased bar of chocolate is not going to kill your dog. It’s unlikely it would even harm the dog in any great deal so let’s not get too anxious.

Your dog has to ingest quite a bit of chocolate to feel any negative effects. It is the caffeine and bromethalin in chocolate that is poisonous to your dog. Dark baker’s chocolate is most toxic to your dog since it contains a high amount of caffeine and bromethalin. Milk chocolate and white chocolate have lower amounts of caffeine.

Whilst chocolate has its fatally poisonous qualities when eaten by dogs, it’s by no means one of the biggest toxic dangers in your home.

Rat Poison: Rat poison can be found in city alleys and streets near garbage cans and dumpsters. Rat poison comes in pellet form – red or green. Rat poison is tasty to rats and, unfortunately, to dogs too.

If your dog has ingested some rat poison, call your vet immediately. Rat poison can cause your dog to bleed from his mouth, nose and rectal area. If not treated quickly, your dog can bleed to death. If your dog happens to eat a rat that has been poisoned, your dog can be affected depending upon the amount of poison the rat ingested. Play it safe by calling your vet immediately.

Extermination: When your house is being exterminated, ask your exterminator what is a safe amount of time to keep your dog from the rooms that are being treated. Keep your dog from walking in areas that may still be slightly wet with pesticide. The pesticide can get on his paws which will get into his mouth if he starts licking them.

Household Cleaners and Disinfectants: If your dog has ingested household cleaners or disinfectants, then read the instruction label on the back to see if vomiting needs to be induced. You don’t want to induce vomiting on certain products because this can irritate the esophagus. You can induce vomiting by putting your finger down your dog’s throat, if you are comfortable doing this. Otherwise, give your dog a hydrogen peroxide solution (one tablespoon per 30 pounds of your dogs body weight).

House Plants: There are numerous household plants that are toxic for your dog. Some of the popular houseplants that are toxic include philodendrons, azaleas, rhododendron, Easter lilies, amaryllis, fox glove and Japanese lilies. Consult with your vet if you have any questions about house plants that you may have in your house.


  1. melanie

    well for the dogs life …
    if u like ur dog for his own good pleawwse dog give ur dog chocolate
    MY DOG JUST DIED becuase he was old so they haded to give him a shot god blesses him and all the dogs that are with him : )

  2. Paul

    My dog is now 13 and has had a small bar of white chocolate every other day for his whole life. He is a big dog but not fat and appear to enjoy life especially every other morning when he gets his chocolate! One of my previous dogs, a Chow, was also a chocoholic which along with his passion for curry and ice cream was no doubt responsible for his demise at the tender age of 18 years and 11 months! Maybe the old music-hall song “A little of what you fancy does you good” is applicable here?

  3. Denise

    My dog ate half a bar of dark chocolate (lindzt)and it killed him, he was very ill for 2 days then eventually his heart and organs gave up, he had only eaten half a bar whihc we had left on the table not realising it was poisonous for dogs. don’t risk it, it was an awful way for him to die.

  4. clare

    our dog has a major chocolate addiction……. think he would die if he did not get at least one small fix a day…… 12 year old staffy. I agree what you fancy does you good…. he also sulks until he is walked EVERY day ….. WIND, RAIN, SHINE, i am out there ;0)

  5. Gill Baker

    My westie has ingested part of a large bar of Galaxy (good choice!!), which was left in my daughters bedroom. Looking at the remains she’s probably had 8 of those rectangular pieces. Her tuummy is tight but she’s perky. I don’t want to pester the vet. I’m disabled & housebound & Rosie is my ‘working’ dog. I can’t lose her just because my daughter was careless. 🙁

  6. kay hopkin

    my dog just licked a piece of chocolate will he die hes a
    shitzu mixed with a montise

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