1. Peekablu

    If the temperatures get cold enough for long time, fleas will go dormant and many will die. However, if the temperatures do not get very cold, fleas will stay active.
    Pets can still get fleas during the winter, even if its really cold. Fleas can live in people’s homes, in the carpets, bedding, etc.
    Keep your pets on flea preventative all year long.

  2. Tigger

    I won’t say your pet CAN’T get fleas in winter, if there are some hiding in a relatively warm place. But otherwise they go dormant in winter.

  3. Jaydens dads dominatrix

    In the winter I believe that fleas flee. And then they freeze. And if you please, my cats don’t have fleas.

  4. pinkey t

    hi i had a flea infestation in my house2 years ago from animals.No matter what product i tried and despite treating all my animals and keeping the house clean no joy, i was getting bitten nearly every day! I decoded to call a pest control agent who specialised in fleas found locally in the local yellow pages directory.He told me to get all my floors vacumed and furniture etc off of carpets. He came early in the morning and sprayed the whole floors in every room in under 20 minutes with an insecticide ,it left a wet look to everthing but he assured me it would dry out. he advised me to remain out of the house for a minimum of 4 hrs which was easy as i work full time. he advised that fleas love fabrics such as carpets,rugs etc so can easily live in a warm house through summer to winter. They even like to live under wooden floor boards little buggers!When i returned home all carpets and floor boardswere dry and and no horrible whiff .I swear to this day even after 2 years i have not( touchwood )had a flea problem since,fantastic and it only cost me £50.00!!! Add up the amont you spend on flea products over the year??? Ca Problem cann be resolved in 1 day by 1 spray. Go for it you will be glad you did hun. Good luck.

  5. angel_ey

    yes dogs and cats still get fleas in the winter. the best way to keep them at bay is to go to your vet and ask him/her about the best options for your pet

  6. Dude

    Im not really sure i think the fleas freeze till winters over than they start doing what they are doing,

  7. Chalice

    In the winter, fleas hide out in warm places, i.e your home. Outside, their eggs lay dormant until it’s warm enough for them to hatch.
    Yes, cats and dogs still get fleas in the winter. When you turn your central heating on it provides a haven for them! Fleas are not seasonal as once believed. You can avoid this by treating your animals the year round – do be sure to only ever use veterinary products for your house and animal, like Frontline, because pet store treatments don’t work.

  8. Ark Lady

    When temperatures drop under 50 degrees Fahrenheit for long durations it prevents the life cycle from completing.

    Fleas need both warmth and humidity to create idea conditions.

    In many places the temperatures are very temperate–including indoor environments which is why some areas have year-round flea issues.

    I live in an area where the temperatures drop for long periods of time and there is little humidity–so we don’t have flea infestation problems except when guests bring in fleas.

  9. musicman

    I am pretty sure that they die after the temp drop so low. But you might want to ask a vet. They have flea collars that work pretty well.

  10. Gin 'n Tony

    Many kids under age of 12 enjoy the “find the flea” game.
    (the winner can get a pair of lice for a prize)
    On the other hand,
    just like Mr President…..the fleas never sleep.

  11. enjoying life

    animals live in the fur of animals, if it is cold, they burrow down by the skin where the body heat protects them

  12. Daniel P

    yes animals can still get fleas in the winter but once the fleas are in the house nice and toasty they probably will not leave you have to wash your pets down leave them outside for about 30 min and they should be good as gone.

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