I just moved into my new house and I beleive that there was fleas in the house becouse both of my dogs have fleas.


  1. Cynthia

    You pretty much get little itchy red spots, mostly on your ankles. I’d suggest getting a powder and covering all of your floors and upholstery with it. Also, give your dogs a good flea bath and then get some Advantage. Don’t get Frontline as it is easy for animals to become immune to it and it won’t work.
    Also, be sure to check your dogs’ butts and stool for worms. They look like wiggling rice.. they’re very common and can happen if your dog eats a flea that is infested. You have to take the dog to a vet to get this taken care of (it’s a simple matter of a pill that will kill the worm). If you don’t, your dog’s stomach will be so full of worms, it will starve to death.

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