Obedience Classes, they teach the owners and provide socialization exposure for the pet. Otherwise, standard behavior modification techniques, with the emphasis on repetition and positive reinforcement.


  1. S. B.

    Tell your dog what you want them to do only once then if they don’t do it… correct them. Example- Tell the dog to sit. If the dog does not… Gently lower the dog into the sit position and then praise the dog with your love… not a treat. Repeat the process until the dog is aware of what the command means. NEVER ASK TWICE!!! Never beat your animal… they will know your are upset by the disappointment in your voice. Dogs are emotional beings who long to please you.

  2. kierenmc

    There is no one size fits all dog training. What works for one dog may not work for another. So it is all a matter of reading the dog you are training.

  3. Shepherdgirl §

    I think there is no all purpose one size fits all training method. Trainers do the best they can (as they have to), but different breeds respond differently generally. My Boxers do great to learn with praise & in SHORT sessions or they get bored with the repitition & lose focus (you always want to end a training session on a positive note to keep the dog interested in learning) , for instance, while my Rottweilers loved praise or food, and could go on a long time, happy just to see they were pleasing me!

  4. Produkte neutral getestet

    Absolutely no physical hand contact in a negative manner is good. Positive reinforcement when they do what it is that you want them to do will encourage the obedience you are looking to achieve. Loud and stern commands and repremanding is enough to get your point across. You will notice that loud sounds make pets cowar or back down, no need for physical contact. A newspaper hit across your own hand will loudly tell them to stop and then when they do stop, you praise them verbally, with a treat, a pat, etc. Consistency is key!

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