I have found fleas on my bed and saw them jump off of me. My dog lives outside and rarely comes inside at all. I am looking for a way to get rid of them with out having to go and by expensive sevendust or another product. So please tell me what works?


  1. mom tree

    cedar chips under your furniture will help to repel the fleas.
    Some say use a light close to the floor and put a shallow pan of dish soap under the light at night. Fleas are attracted to heat.
    Vacuum DAILY!!! fleas lay eggs and hatch out every 10-14 days. They feed of us and our pets but live and breed in the carpet. If canister vac, try to empty it “away” from the house or SEALING the garbage bag right after you empty the vacuum or the fleas will jump or crawl right back out, and even though it’s a small hole on a bag vac, they can still get back out.
    As long as your dog is in and out and you do not treat the yard and the dog along with the carpets, you will not be able to get rid of them.

  2. Shortstu

    Don’t waste your time & money using store bought products. You need to call Terminix or Orkin to come to your home to spray inside & out. He needs to spray inside to kill the eggs that will hatch, leaving you with even more fleas. The fleas are getting a free ride on you & anyone else who is entering your home. It’s not that expensive to have an exterminator come to your home & he can also set up a schedule for coming back to spray every three months, (the norm) to respray. The spray has a slight smell to it, but nothing that would drive you out of the house.

  3. coot

    Bengal ,it is safe for all pets and home .Also place orange peelings in vacuum bag or bagless continer this will kill them[you will have to eat an orange to get them] then you will also need to rid the fleas off you pets. If you have a yard buy a product to kill fleas, the are easy to use .best of you can do this yourself and save money

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