Our family has a pest problem and are too poor to call pest control, or Clark. We are sure it’s ticks that are infesting out house, but it might be fleas.
We bought a flea/tick collar for our cat, but it doesn’t seem to be working well, and we keep it outside.
Since it’s Spring, the problem has gotten worse and I’ve been worried about lyme disease.
We also want a way that isn’t as dangerous as a fogger.


  1. justlilo

    You need to treat the cat, the house, and your yard. Frontline is very good stuff and lasts for one full month on a single application. It is about 14-15.oo but worth it to keep fleas and ticks off pet. Wash all pet bedding and areas he likes to hang out. Vacuum at least daily. Treat your yard with a flea and tick treatment you can find at hardware stores. It’s not very expensive unless you have a HUGE yard. Be persistent with the vacuuming for a full two weeks (life cycle of a flea). You can also set a homemade flea trap at night by placing a shallow dish of hot soapy water in the center of the room. Shine a light directly on the water. Turn off all the other lights. You will catch fleas and get a good idea about how bad they are in your house. I don’t know too much about ticks other than the Frontline. It is my understanding that ticks live in trees…cant offer much on that end.

  2. courtduc

    -no idea about ticks but for fleas give your cat a vitamin that has brewers yeast and garlic in it, you can vuy them at pet shops.
    -also at night you can make flea traps: you need:
    1. paper plates
    2. tea light candles
    3. soapy water
    4. white cloth or paper towels
    put cloths down in random spots in your house, on each cloth place a paperplate that has a little soapy water in it, in the center of each plate place a lit tea light candle, turn the lights off
    the fleas jump toward the white light and drown in the soapy
    water, it really works
    -also sprinkle Twenty Mule Team Borax (you can find it with the detergent in the store for about $3 a box) on your carpet and vacuum every day
    – sprinkle sevendust around your yard and under your house

  3. sportsnu

    If you take a pie pan and put a small amount of dish soap and water to cover the bottom. Put it on the floor out of the way so you don’t spill it but in light if you can. If it is fleas the will jump in and the soap will kill them. I used the flea powder for my carpets at least two times a week. Clean the vacuum after use and remove from the house. Seven dust is good to put outside around the house. And if you live in a place that you can have chickens, they love ticks. We have three that walk the yard and the bugs are not that bad anymore. They are fun to watch to. The flea and tick drops that are for cats is good. As long as you use them one a month.

  4. ♥Pretty♥ ♥Kitty♥

    Take the flea collar off the cat. Those things can be toxic to her. You’ll have to spring for an exterminator and some good flea medicine for your cat. Your whole family is in danger of getting disease from the ticks. Check with the United Way for assistance with having your house exterminated and get your cat some Frontline Plus.

  5. MissMell

    I used frontline plus, it works. It is expensive, but it will save you money in the long run. Fleas can cause problems with the cat. If the infestation is severe enough then you’ll need the Orkin man. So it may be expensive (50.00), but if you think about what could happen and how much it could cost you, it really is the cheapist route.
    I have tried the collars and the other ones you squeeze and the shampoo, none worked. Except for the frontline

  6. Jeff D

    Banana peels…. for some reason… the potassium kills the fleas….. put banana peels all around the house until the are old.. banana peels work great…and they dont really even stink… it works… do it!

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