1. Erin ♥ (Keeshond Lover- STAYING)

    Petsmart has training classes for about $119. The classes are once a week for eight weeks. I mean I guess they aren’t cheap cheap, but it’s definitely worth the money. If you’re interested, you can check out the website:
    Or something even cheaper to do is go to the pet store and buy the book, “Dogs For Dummies”. It has pretty much every bit if information you’ll need for training your dog. But a negative to it is that there wouldn’t be a trainer there to guide you along the way.
    Best of luck!!! ♥

  2. Cool Stuff On Web

    You can find here dog and other pet training information…

  3. James Colella

    As a Dog trainer that performs training in a variety of place including Brooklyn Dog Trainers , I have ran into many members that have tried the cheap route first, only to find out that it cost them the price of the cheap dog trainer in addition to the professional dog trainer. I am not knocking any dog training methods or schools, I am trying to illustrate a point though…Cheap is not always better.

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