I live in a co-op with 30 other people, 11 cats, and 2 dogs and this summer the fleas have been horrifying! I’ve been trying everything to keep them off of my 5 year old chihuahua and I just can’t seem to keep them off! I’ve been using flea and tick shampoo regularly (once a week) and also apply advantage, but I still pull at least 20 fleas off of him every day! I’ve heard that garlic is a remedy, but it’s also toxic to dogs. Does anyone have any suggestions? Anything helps!


  1. Jen T

    I am a veterinarian and i always perscribe revolution to my paciens. Its the best and will kill fleas, tick, and other critters in 24 hours, but it also kills other parasites. It lasts up to 30 days and is safe for all dogs.

  2. Café Mocha Valencia

    Capstar!!! It’s a little pill you can get from your vet that kills all of the fleas on your pup in about 45 minutes! I live and breathe by these pills. I give my dog one whenever we’re going somewhere that *might* have fleas. They work in about 30 to 45 minutes. I have heard that they work for 24 hours, but I have also heard 4 hours. All I know is that they work! And they can be given to your dog daily, even in addition to the monthly topical medication.
    Do all of the animals have fleas? They make Capstar in two different sizes for dogs (depending on the weight of the dog) and a pill for cats too! You could zap all of the fleas if you gave all of the animals a pill. Then you could start taking care of the house, like washing everything you own!!
    Fleas are awful! GOOD LUCK!!

  3. ♥willow♥

    Advantix, once a month will keep fleas and ticks off your dog if you don’t shampoo him in between applications.
    Of course, you need to de-flea your home – vacuum all rugs and sofas, then throw out the bag, wash all dog bedding.
    Stop with the shampoos and garlic, that’s toxic alright, and does not work.
    If your dog is massively infested, before you apply Advantix (once a month – not once a week), take him to the vet and get a Capstar pill – gets all fleas off within the hour, then shampoo him with plain dog shampoo and apply Advantix.
    You need to get rid of all the fleas in your home and on the dog, then PREVENT infestation with Advantix. I have 5 dogs and foster more – they never have fleas or ticks and we live in the country.

  4. rescue member

    I would say find a good shampoo. That’s what I had to with my dog. Just give it a bath every couple of days and it should be fine. But I would advise you to keep it in a garage or outside until it’s clear, cause they can get all over your house. NOT GOOD! haha.

  5. polo.

    Heres the thing, the flea and tick shampoo isnt going to work, so stop using so frequently, it is going to dry his skin out. 2nd you are going to need to treat all the animals with advantage so that they dont pass it to another.

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