We have an ungodly amount of fleas in our yard, enough that the anti-flea treatment for our dogs aren’t working well. I have a young puppy and a dog of about two years old, so I want to find something that is the least dangerous to pets.


  1. Ronald P

    Jes any pesticide you use on your yard could be toxic if you do not follow instructions. I would use diazinon spray, Buy pint bottle. and a one gallon pump up sprayer ($10.00) mix per directions on bottle and go over your yard with mist. It will be best to spray early morning. Do not let puppy out until spray mist drys . Fleas are hard to exterminate in yard. Read label and follow instructions.

  2. JLanswer

    Sulfur has been used for years as a fertilizing agent which will kill fleas and ticks in the lawn.
    Keep in mind though that prevention and maintenance is always better. Obviously, we are too late for that but keeping the lawn cut and debris cleared, IE chopped wood will only help.
    “Natural” products are not necessarily as safe as one would expect either. And just because a product is considered safe does not mean that you shouldn’t exercise caution with your child and pets.
    I have at times utilized lime around the perimeter of my yard in order to serve as a kind of barrier for fleas as my neighbors lawns were infested. It seemed to work, however why it worked is not easy to answer.
    In all likelihood it changed the soil pH enough (from acidic to alkaline) and thus made the area less inhabitable or desirable for the pests.
    A plant nursery will have specialized information for your needs, and many will offer organic alternatives to harsh chemicals. Whatever you decide to do it is still advisable to continue with flea treatments for the animals (such as collars or transdermal medication).
    There is another perspective to be considered here though; are chemicals really that bad in comparison to a child being exposed to Lyme’s Disease from a tick?

  3. winterru

    Sevin is an insecticide that is effective on fleas and harmless to mammals. I don’t know if it works against ticks. You can get it in a powder to dust the ground or in a liquid to spray.

  4. saaanen

    You’ll be wasting your money if you treat the yard. Go to your vet and get the stuff they recommend for fleas.

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