I DON’T have any pets, but I know I accidentally brought some fleas over (my friend’s house is totallly flea infested!). And now, they’re biting me all over! I’m going nuts!
What is a safe and effective way to get rid of fleas in your house?


  1. Rick

    If you have carpet vacuum it first then either use pesticide bomb as other person suggested, or flea or bug spray on carpet or flea powder. you are going to have to revacuum and reapply the pesticide in a few days cause of the eggs. Washing bedding, throw rugs, etc will help. totally clean floors will help. They won’t stay long once you wipe them out a couple of times.

  2. Toothpic

    You take your pets out of the house and leave the house for a few hours and use flea bombs. It’s fast, easy and effective. The alternative is to buy several boxes of 20 mule team borax and heavily sprinkle it through out the house covering the floors, upholstery and stripped (no bed coverings) mattresses. Leave it down for days, then vacuum it all up. You can live in the house while the borax is doing it’s work. The borax will also kill silver fish, roaches, ants, bed bugs, etc. You can buy expensive sprays to cover the grass, but as long as it won’t be raining, the borax works on the yard too.

  3. koala4po

    You shouldn’t have problems for long if you don’t have any pets as they can’t live for very long without a host. You can buy flea sprays from any pet shops. I reccomend the flea tin bottles that you spray in small corners and behind the sofa where they are most likely to hide.

  4. Brian

    The DIY Network has the solution, you can find all the details there.
    Basically you put moth balls into your vacuum, then vacuum your rugs and empty the vacuum. You have to do this every day for a week.
    Then, get a green nightlight and put it above a pan of water (Like a shallow pie pan). At night the fleas will be drawn towards the warm bulb and not you. They jump for the bulb, hit the water and drown.
    After a week, your home will be flea free. With out any of the poisons in a flea bomb.

  5. shasta

    someone told me to try sprinkling iodized salt around the carpet ( sorta like you do with carpet fresh). Let it stay in the carpet overnight and vaccum the next day. You may want to repeat this a few times cause it sounds like you have quite an infestation. I tried it and it works plus it’s safe. Good luck

  6. Grr. =]

    Either call a service about it or bag everything up until the fleas die. Make sure you get plenty of flea removal shampoos and such to clean your pet with, and try combing their fur after you’ve washed them to make sure the fleas are gone.

  7. twentysi

    Get a flea bomb, but read he directions first. You have to be out of the house for a certain number of hours, so do it before school or work. And if you have fish, don’t forget to evacuate them too! (RIP Benji)

  8. Lisa K

    A safe and effective way to get rid of fleas in your house is to spray a mixture of boric acid and salt on carpets and other areas.

  9. shorty

    I don’t know where, other than a local vet but you can but flea bombs to set off in your house while you are gone. I remember we did this some while I was little, it worked real good too.

  10. Alexis

    Throw away all carpets! (safe and effective) Flea bomb! I know a house that was soooo infested and we did that and it WORKED! (so infested that if you walked in your shoes would be black woth fleas)

  11. Nikita

    I dropped a 3 inch piece of a flea collar in a vacuum cleaner bag and vacuumed often, after a while I had no fleas.

  12. Cassandr

    Get an exterminator. They could kill them right to the core! You may not kill all of them if you do it yourself. Just my 2cents

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