One that is very good and easy to follow
And if it matters any my dog is a chihuahua
And where can i buy it
And in how many days will i see results
And how often should i do it


  1. BulliesR

    You want to work with your dog for a minimum of ten minutes at a time, once a day. Here is a great website with printable command sheets:
    All you need are the sheets and treats. If you are consistent in your training, you should see results quickly. In a six week training class, we had our dogs sitting, staying, down, shake, wave, high-5, roll over, play dead, spin, turn…it’s a great way to tire your dog out.
    Good luck!

  2. Flute

    I would recommend:
    “Clicker training for dogs” by Karen Pryor
    “Before and after getting your puppy” by Ian Dunbar
    “The perfect puppy” by Gwen Baily
    “It’s me or the dog – how to have the perfect pet” by Victoria Stillwell.
    Otherwise go to a book shop and flick through some training books. Avoid any book by Cesar Milan, anything that recommends choke chains, hitting etc, or anything that claims all bad behaviour is dominance based.
    If your dog is new to training (eg a puppy or untrained adult) then little and often is the key. Keep training sessions to about 5-10 miuntes, but do them 3 or 4 times a day. You can also get your dog to do random ommands throughout the day (once he knows them obviously!) For example, get him to “sit” before giving him his food.
    How quickly you will see results totally depends on the dog and how good you are at training!
    Good luck and have fun training!

  3. oregano1

    Little Dogs: Training your Pint-Sized Companion by Deborah Wood is an excellent book about training small breed dogs. It uses positive techniques customized for little dogs, and it works. How quickly you see results varies by your specific dog, and how precise and consistent you are with the training. Training is a life-long deal you have to keep up with, apply the techniques as-needed. You can purchase it at many bookstores, or online:…
    I do strongly recommend an in-person group obedience class, though. While books can give you good techniques to try, if you are having problems, nothing beats seeing someone apply the technique in person and having a knowledgeable professional let you know how to do better.

  4. Stock Market For Beginners

    There is a book I like called “The Power of Positive Dog Training”. You can get it off of or look in a book store. It breaks the training down into week by week increments. But, you can also go at your own pace. My dog is also a chihuahua, I started seeing results on day one.

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