We have fleas in our house and people recommend flea bombs. The thing is i have fish which would die from the flea bombs and there is no way we can leave our house with all of the animals we have, so please help!


  1. Dalai

    Use borax on carpets and under couch cushions. You vac. first then put the borax down and leave it until you vac. again. Repeat.

  2. Canine Caretaker

    One option would be to believe it or not, sprinkle table salt on the carpets, wait about an hour or two, and then vacuum it up (salt has been said to kill fleas, larvae, and even eggs). Just make sure you put the pets (aside from the fish and other caged/aquarium pets) in separate rooms or crates so they do not lick the salt off of the carpet.
    A non-natural alternative would be Frontline Plus (if you can’t afford it at your regular veterinary clinic, it is sold at both http://www.petcarerx.com and 1800petmeds.com for much less than you would pay at a regular veterinary clinic), it kills adult fleas, flea larvae, flea eggs, and ticks, and is less harsh on the system than Advantage and Advantix (the latter is actually highly toxic to cats).

  3. ♥ Lucy ♥

    Ok, hoover everywhere. Treat your dog/cat on the same day as you clean. Give your pet a bath, but use flea shampoo and/or (this works really really good) put salt into a jug say and fill with water and pour everywhere on your dog/cat and do this several times. Try to do this maybe everyday.
    Now, for the house, hoover. Give your pet a bath in original dawn soap to kill fleas.
    In each room at night, put a shallow dish of water with a little dish soap under a night-lite at night. The fleas will jump into the water and drown.
    You can also use lavender oil to keep fleas off your pets and their bedding. Just rub a cotton ball with lavender oil down their back.
    Spray your garden, making your any animals aren’t near, children and pregnant women.
    Heres a site I found ages ago that may be useful: http://www.catsofaustralia.com/fleasgetr…
    EDIT: Borax is poisonous, so please don’t use it.

  4. daa

    Treat all of the pets with something like Revolution, Frontline, or Advantage (ask your vet). Vacuum frequently, and take the vacuum bag outside right away – the fleas will just crawl back out if you leave it in the vacuum. Wash all the pet bedding in hot water, and use a steam cleaner on the carpeting.

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