i have tryed to use garlic powder in food, buying sprays for floors and dogs, powders for floor and dogs, expensive topical (frontline) solutions are just not working. theirs not many fleas just a few per dog but them few are making the dogs ich like crazy. i feel so bad for them and need somthing like an old-fashion technique or just somthing different i can try.


  1. ldbevers

    I use a good flea dip and then 7 days later flea and tick shampoo. But no matter how much you bathe your dogs you need to do the house too. buy a flea fogger for the house.Or have a professional come out and spray. What a pain fleas are no fun at all, GOOD LUCK

  2. Player4l

    Wash all of them using flea shampoo first. Then wash them again using regular shampoo. You can keep washing them with the flea shampoo anytime. After they are dry from their baths, put k-9 advanticks. It really works. Frontline is a better choice for cats. Also give them heart guard.

  3. Jess

    I was told if you dip a Q-tip in rubbing alcohol and apply it to the flea (not that easy, believe me) it will stun them for a sec, and you can then catch and pinch them dead. We used that on tiny kittens who couldn’t be treated with flea shampoo. If your dog doesn’t have too many, give it a try. The bare area on the dog’s stomach is usually the best place to kill fleas.

  4. Prodigy5

    Sometimes vets can give an injection, mine does. It last awhile so the current fleas die and then the hatching ones die later.

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