my dog keeps on getting fleas and even after we kill them, they come back and its disgusting! what is a GREAT way to get rid of them? any home remedies?


  1. Apples to Apples

    They say bathe the dog in Joy dishwashing detergent…it won’t keep them off permanently but it will deter them initially.
    The only thing that I know that works at all is Frontline…the stuff you put on their neck and down their back. It’s expensive and you have to re-treat every 30 days, but it does work pretty well.

  2. brenda b

    When a pet has fleas, the whole house has fleas. You may get rid of them on your pet but they still live in your house. You need to go to the pet store or vets and find out what you need to do to rid the house of them.
    Once you are rid of them, then you need to do prevetative treatments on your dog. The dog will pick them up from outside. Use a flea collar or one of many meds you can apply to their skin or administer orally every so often to prevent them from attracting fleas.

  3. sabrina a

    Oh stop the ‘home remedy’ crap. You’ve been trying and it hasn’t been working. Stop being so cheap and go get “Advantage.” Your vet can tell you. Advantage will not only kill the fleas that are on him/her, but also breaks the lifecycle so that no more are born. You will have to vacuum around the house as well though. Go get the proper care for your dog. And if you have a problem with your dog, why are you asking strangers on the internet instead of picking up the phone and calling your vet? Now go do the responsible thing.

  4. Tami L

    When my dog has fleas, we get Revolution from the vet…and I bathe her every 3 or 4 days in the bathtub. I use a flea/tick shampoo, put it on her in the bathtub…use a fleacomb with the shampoo still on her, and then put the comb in the water, and the fleas go into the water. Then wash it off, and I apply it once more, rinse, dry off, and use the flea comb to get dead fleas off.

  5. WP Robot for Wordpress

    well you definatly need to get the dog flee prevention meds (like frontline) and probably the reason they havent went away is because they are still in your house…go to your local walmart or petstore and flee bomb your house…it will kill all the flees and eggs make sure that you read the directions because you will most likely need several to throughly cover your entire house…make sure that there are no pets or people in the house and cover all electronics and appliances so they dont get damaged and get to it!

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