I am looking for ways that I can get rid of my pets’ fleas and ticks. With the heavy rain that we have had in TX the fleas and ticks seem to be out if force. They have since infested my outside dog. He is perfectly happy staying outside so he refuses to come in. My daughter and I noticed the other day that ticks have attacked him. He’s rather large and sometimes rowdy so he doesn’t like to stay still long enough for me to take them off. Since I have to bath him outside I need something that I can put together from house hold ingredients and/or that won’t make my dog or his area sick. I have the same problem, minus the ticks, with my indoor cats. Any help would be really appreciated.



    Cheapest easiest way is to get Frontline Plus and apply it to all the pets at once.
    There is no household thing that will get rid of fleas and ticks.
    Get it done soon so the pets stop suffering!!!

  2. Cairo's Mum

    I use Revolution on my dog it works great. It also protects against scabies, ringworm, ticks, heart worm, fleas, fly strike and other parasites. It is purchased by prescription only because some animals are allergic. It is prescribed according to the animal’s weight. I recommend that you check with your Vet. Using household herbs etc for ticks and fleas may be environmentally safe , but it just isn’t effective. In the long run your dog’s health should be the priority. Good Luck.

  3. Elaine M

    Brewers yeast on the food (1/4 tsp for a cat) every day or every other day will make them taste really bad to fleas.
    For ticks, you have to treat them with chemicals–Advantage, Frontline, etc.–, there’s too many diseases those things carry for you to try an herbal treatment.

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