My dog and cat have fleas? How they got them in the winter I do not know. What is an inexpensive way to get rid them?


  1. Toto's mom

    There are spray-on liquids, that can be used every three months. Vacuum the carpet daily, and use a powdered Sevin on it to kill eggs and mature fleas. Vacuum before allowing animals or people to walk on it again. Bathing regularly with any good dogs shampoo will help.

  2. Proactol

    They are right, Frontline (or advantage) is the best way to get rid of fleas. Frontline in particular kills flea eggs as well as the fleas themselves, and will cost you as little as $20.00 on ebay for each of your pets. The most effective way I’ve found for getting rid of fleas is to buy and use a three-month supply of Frontline per animal. In the first month, the fleas and the flea eggs on the animal are killed, and in the following two months, the flea eggs that hatch and find their way onto your animal (and any eggs they lay) are killed. Flea eggs may hatch for up to three months. Therefore, a three-month supply of Frontline will take care of any flea problems you might have more than any other product.
    Also, seeing as few other products actually kill the flea eggs, you’re probably much better off financially buying three months of Frontline than you are buying other flea products that don’t kill the eggs. Believe me, I have been there.
    Here’s a ebay store where you can buy Frontline at a fraction of the Vet Clinic’s price:… .. it’s where I bought the Frontline for my cat.

  3. rrodriqu

    what seems like the most expensive answer will most likely save you money in the long run. use advantage or frontline to get rid of the fleas. any over the counter medicine is going to be worthless and a waste of money. vaccum as the other person says, but that won’t get them off of the pets.
    a lot of people have flea infestations during the winter. get it under control before your pets get tapeworms!

  4. ms gil

    liquid ivory soap or ivory bar soap. Not the detergent kind.Use it like a flea shampooo and let it sit a few minutes.This is also safe for puppies.
    Frontline if you think about it is only like 20 dollars a month and it is well worth it!YOu can also put a couple drops near a major traffic area in your house and it will disperse thru your house and kill any in your carpet

  5. bri

    Advantage is probably the cheapest and effective way of treating fleas and it lasts ~28days. But the key is prevention so you’ll need either advantage with program, or as a better alternative, frontline or revolution (both of which prevent and treat fleas. F also does ticks, R gets that plus round, whip, hook, heartworms, some mites, etc…)

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