I inherited a miniature doberman – beautiful but she has fleas I am not well hearsed on dogs but she is great and I need a quick at home fix to get rid of fleas.


  1. Great Dane Lover

    First there is no “miniature” Doberman. You have either a Miniature Pinscher or a German Pinscher.
    As for fleas go to a vets office and pick up a safe flea product.Do NOT use OTC products.They are ineffective and can be very dangerous.

  2. Spanish Mortgage Calculator

    What is a miniature doberman? If you mean a miniature pinscher then i know what that is, they look like little dobermans but they are not closely related at all suprisingly.
    Take the dog to the vet and get frontline plus (that’s the best way to get rid of fleas. usually home “fixes” make it worse or don’t work at all.) and vacuum all the rugs.

  3. ppccoach.com

    Use head lice shampoo to get rid of the fleas. Its more effective because it has the same type of ingredients as flea shampoo, but its stronger. Flea shampoo is too weak and watery, and you’ll probably have to use it more than once.
    Head lice shampoo only has to be used once and the fleas are gone.

  4. raticals

    Use dawn dish detergent. It’s a quick fix, not something to do on a regular basis. You should make an appointment for your dog to see the vet for a monthly flea/trick treatment.

  5. Rose

    You have a min pin. Call or go to the vet and get Advantage or whatever they have. It’s something you put on their necks. DO NOT get anything from the drugstore. They DON’T work and are very toxic to your dogs. You won’t get an at home fix for fleas. If you try them, you are wasting your time and money. Vacuum everything, wash the beddings and if need be you may have to bomb your house.
    Good luck.

  6. Chalice

    Same way you get rid of fleas on any dog and cat – pick some stuff up from a vet. Modern flea treatments are safe and work very well – the come in the form of a spot-on, which is liquid in a pipette that you apply to the skin on the back of the animal’s neck, then it spreads all through the skin and keeps the animal protected against fleas for at least a month.
    Just be sure to stay away from store-bought products, including their spot-ons – they don’t tend to work, which is why they’re cheap! Many are dangerous as well.

  7. googoogi

    K9 ADVANTIX. It is great. Also keeps mosquito’s off, and is water proof. Use it once a month.

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