My pits outside are covered with fleas and ticks, and I have been pulling them off by hand and burning them, I am hoping there is an easier way.


  1. Lab Momma

    Do you use any topical treatments?
    I have 5 labs who live inside and go outside often, and we use K9 Advantix. It works on fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. The cheapest place I have found it is @ .
    Also, I would suggest allowing them to live inside.

  2. lovemypu

    Best thing I’ve found for fleas and ticks is Revolution. Advantix or Frontline I’ve heard are also very good, although I’ve never tried them but I know people who have. You can get either of these from your vet. The stuff sold in grocery stores doesn’t work as good as the stuff you can get from your vet.

  3. NT

    Use body mist to spray them when they are out. Use dried rosemary, peppermint, bay leaf herbs, and clove buds. Hide them on the different areas as the way you would for flee collar.
    Wash the area using bleach and lemon juices
    Mix lavender, basil, lemon, apple cider vinegar and water
    and use this as spritzer too. Trust me I used frontline and all other commercial advertised things but they most were temporary solution but once I used these I have no more problem.

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