Does it mean to train them to go to the bathroom on paper? I seriously have no idea what it means :S I’m getting a puppy in a few weeks, do i need to read up on this.


  1. ErrantWh

    It means teaching your puppy to go to the bathroom, classically on newspaper. Now they make puppy pads for that. You train them to go on paper/pads first because you often can’t get them outside fast enough.
    Suggestion: When my dog was a puppy, we put wind chimes on the door within his reach. We rang them using one of his paws whenever we let him outside to go to the bathroom, so now he rings them on his own whenever he has to go out.

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    Paper training and starting the process of potty training. Newspapers are often used, but you can also use wee wee pads. You want your puppy to do their business on the paper instead of your carpets or floors.
    When the puppy starts to wee on the paper, you know what to look for and can take them outside to go potty. It is all about watching them and looking for the signs. Once you know what to look for …. sniffing, spinning in circles, going to the door, etc.. you will be able to potty train quicker. Good luck.

  3. Olivia

    wow..u sure u are capable of having another life in ur hands?…well, paper training is literally what it sounds have ONE spot in the house where you want ur dog to pee and poo… for example put either a wee-wee pad (buy them at the pet store only $20 a pack) OR place news paper in the floor and try to get your puppy to pee and poo on the paper….when your puppy pees where u DONT want him/her too imediatly pick him.her up and put him.her on the newspaper spot. just never hit or be physically it is makes an accident on the floor, it takes a few days to weeks for th puppy to get it right..then when they get older you train them to pee outside…its natural for them that wil be easy

  4. Eat. Sleep. Adopt a Husky.

    Why teach a pup to pee on paper when eventually you’ll have to teach him to go outside? Just train them to potty outside in the first place! I honestly can’t see how having nasty pee/poop filled paper in your HOUSE would ever be a good idea or SEEM like a good idea. I guess if you’re lazy it seems nice.

  5. JenVT

    It is to train them to go to the bathroom in your house on a newspaper. Don’t bother. Just teach him to go outside where he is supposed to. Crate training is something you should read up on and seriously consider. I would not raise a puppy without it.

  6. Casey

    yes it does, then you get them to go outside, the paper thing is to try and keep it in one place (not the carpet)

  7. T J

    It means MISTAKE ! ! Anyone that paper trains their dog will only get to train it a second time for the same thing.

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