Like, the most expensive, best, everything.
And being a guard dog does not mean the best. What if we want a friendly dog? So, just asking, what do you think is the best?


  1. Lyn B

    The best training is to have an educated dog owner. One who knows how to handle their own dog.
    It is not expensive, but it takes time and skill.
    Dog do not speak a language so they do not needs words but they do need a calm leader who can give the correct instructions without words. Your dog is so attentive to your moods he knows what you are thinking before you do.
    Get you some book or CDs from Cesar Millan and you will have the best trained dog you have ever had the joy to live with.
    And the best is not always the most expensive.

  2. T J

    That’s a loaded question. Best training for what? If you plan on putting your dog on a pro field trial truck for training and handling expect to pay about $1,500/month or more. On todays market the average FC-AFC has about $30,000 invested in it. I know of several national contenders that have over $100,000 invested in them.
    What is the best “published” training method out there? I like “10 minute retriever” by John & Amy Dahl the best. Which is based on the late Rex Carr training program.…

  3. Dutchman

    That all depends. If I was a bird hunter…then a field trial LAb would be the best….unless I wanted the dog to FLush birds….then I’d look for a Pointer that has Natural abilities. If I were a DEA agent…then a drug dog would have the best training…if I were Ranger Rick, a S&R dog has the best training…If I’m in a lousy neighborhood, a personal protection dog…and so on,,,,and so on…and so on…..

  4. nimoto

    A combination of crate training, basic obedience, and a focus on walks makes for great training. If you work it all in together, so the walks include tricks from obedience, the dog becomes very easy to train. I also use praise/petting instead of treats.

  5. rescue member

    Depends entirely on what you want the dog to do.
    Training for police dogs, cadaver sniffing dogs, drug sniffing dogs, therapy dogs, etc. is completely different in each case.
    The best possible training for a regular pet is basic obedience classes.

  6. Louisiana Gurl ♥'s Dogz APBT

    I think basic training/house breaking/training and agility training are the best but that’s just my opinion…
    Everyone has different views on whats best for their dogs….

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