I live in Kansas and we have sand fleas pretty bad in this state. My dog is medium sized (about 43 lbs) and it seems like I am getting bit by the fleas he brings in the house. Can anyone help me? I live on a fixed income, so I have to find a way that is cost effective. Please help.


  1. lm

    There is not really a cheap effective way to get rid of fleas. I recommend that you buy ur dogs Frontline Plus from your vet clinic and then call a professional to spray your whole house and its surroundings. If you try a lot of the other cheap stuff, you might find yourself spending a whole lot of money on things that don’t even work.

  2. CF_

    flea combs are the safest and cheapest way to remove fleas…
    sand fleas are not the same as dog fleas..
    garlic treats will help…

  3. sweetang

    The best thing to do is google natural flea control. You would be amazed at what natural and cheap things will control fleas. I give my dogs garlic pills they sell at the pet store and we never had a flea problem.

  4. morgan j

    The one cheap trick I know that does work though I don’t recommend it, is to soak your dog’s coat in kerosene. leave it one for less than two minutes. that will kill all of the fleas. But you have got to wash the dog a couple of times to get the smell down to manageable. keep him away from open flames for a day or two as well or you will have a nasty, flaming surprise.
    I picked this one up in Asia. They don’t like to spend money on dogs in some countries over there.

  5. buterfly

    Getting frontline plus is most effective. I know somebidy who thought it was too expensive so she didn’t buy it. But she spent many, many times more over 10 YEARS trying to get rid of the fleas in her house. When she finally got Frontline Plus, the whole house infestation was gone in a bout a month.
    It’s about $15 per month, but much cheaper than many other ways to try to control fleas.

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