My cat brought fleas into my house and its driving me crazy. I have wood floors and i tried the fogger but the fleas came back.



    “Best” and “cheapest” don’t belong together when it comes to treating fleas. Your best bet is to get a product such as Frontline Plus or Revolution (Frontline Plus does not require a prescription and is available at pet supply stores). The product will kill the fleas that bite your kitty for a month. Because there are flea eggs in your house, you need to be vigilant when it comes to cleaning and you need to keep your cat current on the flea treatment for at least two months. Clean your house paying special attention to areas that your cat spends a lot of time (i.e. the bed). Fleas are lair parasites meaning they spend more time off of their host than on so it’s important not only to treat your cat but also the environment.

  2. Twilight

    shave your cat shave ur own head and get rid of anything fuzzy so the fleas leave on their own lol

  3. tammynay

    hi you need to clean around the house with jeyes fluid and if you have a garden the cat uses you need to spay the garden with jeyes fluid make sure your cats flea collar is replaced every 4 months and you should be ok

  4. Elaine M

    Borax is for cockroaches, it only works when they walk through it and get it on them or eat it. Fleas won’t walk through it and they only eat blood so borax is useless.
    The cats weren’t the problem, the fleas are. You can’t have been very attached if you chose to give them away.
    Try reading this:

  5. cat lover

    As long as your cat has an active case of fleas, re-infestation will occur. You will have to regularly vacuum, but you also need to eliminate the fleas on your cat. If you want the cheapest way, you keep your cat indoors, use a flea comb to rid your cat of as many fleas as possible, and feed your cat brewer’s yeast. (found in health food stores.) Fleas do not like the taste of blood of an animal who has taken brewer’s yeast.
    A non-chemical way for your house I have posted in the source, although I do not know how much area it will cover. There are other variations of the same thing sold. Fleas are attracted to heat.

  6. stained glass window film

    you do’t have a choice….you’re going to have to fork up the money for a professional. You’ve GOT to treat the yard, the cat, and where the cat sleeps. Anytime you try foggers, they’re not gonna kill all of the fleas, and everytime the cat goes out, it’ll get reinfested, bringing them BACK into your house. hope this helps

  7. Bex

    When I had this problem, I first used the Advantage stuff for between their shoulders, fogged the house, and then sprinkled Borax around the perimeter of my yard to keep fleas out. In short, just treating the house won’t take care of the problem – you have to treat the cat, the house, AND the yard. And you might consider keeping the cat indoors if you can, at least while you’re doing this flea treatment, so she doesn’t bring new ones in from outside. Best of luck!
    ****You can buy Borax pretty much at any grocery store, it’s usually either with the dishwashing items or laundry items. It’s called 20 Mule Team Borax, and it’s in a light green and yellow box with red lettering. And yes, Borax is for fleas too, not just cockroaches. It worked for me & there are lots of websites around that explain how you do it too. And since “they won’t walk across it…” it stands to reason that sprinkling it on the perimeter of your yard would help keep them out.……

  8. Chalice

    I’m afraid the best way isn’t the cheapest – as with everything, you get what you pay for.
    If you get cheapo stuff from a store or use so-called ‘home remedies’, you’ll be wasting your time. In the long run it will also be more expensive as you buy loads of different stuff trying to find one that works! Fact of the matter is, stores are not licensed to sell the proper flea-killing stuff, so they just bottle random insecticides. Most don’t work, and some are dangerous.
    Save your time and money and just go the vets for some Frontline, or Revolution, or Advantage. I recommend Frontline. You also need to get a housespray – you always need to treat the house as well.
    EDIT: Flea collars don’t work, they’re an extraordinary waste of time.

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