It is obvious that taking a dog obedience class would be the best solution. But as someone said above, going to a class takes time and costs money. A good dog training center is also not always available close to where you live.
It is why some other resources are made available like magazines, books and DVDs to learn things. To learn cooking for example, you may go to a class and learn the ropes or purchase a recipe book, watch a TV cooking show or a DVD.
To answer the question, I would recommend to visit the Bad dog training tricks blog and get their free email dog training course and see if their DVD is the one you need.


  1. Reperage

    Not everyone has access to Dog Training group classes or can afford to hire a trainer for private lessons. Click on the link below to go to Dogwise, an online bookstore that also carries dvds, videos, training aids, toys, treats – Like their motto says – All Things Dog! If you are looking for a DVD to train a particular skill, search from the Dogwise home page link.…
    Personally I am a Pat Miller fan. Pat is nationally recognized in the Dog Training field and following her program will give you a great basic understanding of how to train your dog. This is her new DVD covering the 7 week class she regularly gives at Peaceable Paws. This will give your the information needed to teach basic good manners to your dog.…
    Good Luck with your dog and your training!

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