i recently ordered pit bulls for dummies, and will soon acquire a copy of dog training for dummies.
the lady that lives downstairs from me gave me a book titled ‘Smarter than you Think’ and it tells you to throw things at your dog to teach it to come, and to stick a match in its butt to poop, and not trust dog food companies, and all this weird stuff, not too sure about that book.
any other suggestions? or tips?


  1. Smartphone Software

    When I had just got my APBT I went to my local library’s site and in the keyword box i put Pit Bull and it came up with alot of good books that were really useful so try looking up your library. They have alot of info on APBTs. Good luck

  2. Molk

    I’d just go with the book you’re getting; the DUmmy series has always helped me.
    Jeez, Smarter than you Think is full of lies!

  3. US soldier

    I used “Off to a Good Start: A Manual for Raising Your New Puppy” by Mary Thompson and “I just got a puppy! What do I do?” by Mordecai Siegal and Matthew Margolis.
    You may want to check into a puppy class (good for socializing and teaching some basic commands). Check here to see if there is an instructor close to you. http://www.nadoi.org

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