I have a Minature Schnauzer mix. It is about 8 months old and I need to know of a great book that is easy to understand, not so thick it would take 2 years to read, and isn’t over 20 dollars. Thank you!


  1. SG

    Here’s a book for 25 dollars… a little thick, 171 pages. Don’t worry!
    NEW COMPLETE DOG TRAINING MANUAL by Bruce Fogle is wonderful training solution. No need to read it all, it is divided into color-coded sections and chapters. Contains:
    Breed Differences
    Personality Types
    Early Learning
    Perfect Timing
    Giving Commands
    Putting it all Together
    Realistic Expectations
    Early Home Routines
    Basic Equipment
    Daily Grooming
    Suitable Toys and Chews
    New Experiences
    Crate Training
    House Training
    Coming to You
    Coming to You Outdoors
    Sit and Lie Down
    Walking without a Leash
    Walking on a Leash
    Hands-Free Training
    Leash Training Problems
    You are on a Leash too
    Control and Restraint
    Sit and Stay
    Come and Sit
    Lie Down
    Down and Stay
    Settling Down
    Bark Control
    Separation Anxiety
    Learning to Touch
    holding Objects
    Retrieving Objects
    Dogs and Children
    Games with Children
    Games with Your Dog
    Agility Training
    Catch Games
    Canine Competitions
    Playing with Other Dogs
    Understanding Habits
    Clicker Training
    Behavior Interrupters
    Assessing Temperament
    Pulling on a Leash
    Refusing to Come
    Chasing Vehicles
    Chasing Animals
    Aggression with Dogs
    Aggression with People
    Fear biting
    Rivalry Between Dogs
    Problems with Sex
    Car Manners
    Excited Behavior
    Food Problems
    Fighting Obesity
    Effective Training
    This is the key to success! I have this book and I am so glad I do. I owe all my dog’s tricks and manners to this book. Very easy to read and very clear. Please consider!

  2. kitkatne

    “Don’t Shoot The Dog” is a great book for training. I can’t remember the author but it has to be the only book with that title.

  3. hunter2

    THIS Answer is to the question that you deleted. I worked so hard on it. I just have to send it to you….
    I completely understand!!!
    Be sure to purchase a high quality poo picker upper. Try out different ones at the store and see what you think you’ll hate the least.
    My favorite was the plastic grabber one. You squeeze the handle and it opens, then you place it over the jobbers and let loose and it snaps shut.
    I use a 5 gallon bucket, it’s easy to handle and I never miss the container. I use regular groc. store bags.
    My reward to doing that job is that my dog and I can play fetch in the yard without the ball getting into the poo.
    We all fall behind sometimes.

  4. KJ

    Go to amazon.com and type in dog training. It gives enough info on each book for you to get a good idea of the contents.
    Personally I’ve never read a dog training book in my life. If I were going to though, I would research some top K-9 trainers (I’m talking Police dogs) and see if any of them have books.

  5. Witters, Man That Can!

    I have found that one of the best places to get information on dogs and training/problems is to:
    Find all the pages on the internet about your breed of dog – Then simply email each one with a different question. They always get back to you and give you great advice and links. I have done this numerous times with my dog and the feedback is amazing.
    Try it – What have you to lose.

  6. callthed

    I think the absolute best is “How to Teach a New Dog Old Tricks” by Ian Dunbar–very readable.
    I haven’t read it yet, but it was recommended, and I like most of his ideas and methods, Cesar Millan’s book “Cesar’s Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems” is supposed to be good.

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