i have a dog, she’s about 3 years old now, and sadly she was never trained. she understands sit, but only sometimes does it. she pulls on the leash, constantly tries to run away, jumps up on everyone, and if i took her off the leash in public she would never come back.
any ideas of a training video or website i could use to spare myself the $125 on a class?


  1. My BFF is a Pitador!

    I do agree with the others who have said that PROFESSIONAL training is worth every penny (not Pet Smart).
    But I can tell you this with confidence: buy some training books. If you are a good reader with comprehensive skills and the patience to train your dog yourself (it is a great bonding experience) it is highly likely that you and your dog will be successful. Here is a link to Amazon for positive dog training. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_b_0_16…
    Please remember that no matter which route you choose, you need to be consistent at all times and dedicated to training. It won’t happen overnight.

  2. Desiree

    Hello, from my experience in the past, I have learned that the best way to train a dog is to go through some classes first, and then continue daily on your own. I trained a lab mix this way and he learned quickly and listened every time with the help of a trainer. I paid for private sessions at a local SPCA and it was well worth it. It was about $100 to have a one on one class for a few weeks (once a week) with a trainer and my pet. After the training was done, my dog listened to commands and I was able to train him continuously at home with no problem. It might be a good investment for you if you find a place thats more reasonable in price, its well worth the money though.

  3. gakw3

    the cost of classes is negligible compared to the cost of an ill-mannered, untrained & disobedient dog.
    what if your dog did run away & possibly get hit by a car? vet bills would be far higher! what if she pulled you down & you got hurt? doctor bills are expensive too. what if she jumped up on a small child & hurt them? you’d be liable for any injury caused by your dog.
    training can only make your dog a more well-behaved, sociable, & appropriate companion & family member. it’s well worth the costs!

  4. Lizzie

    Yes! Click here: http://www.sitstay.com The best training books and dvds are there. If you aren’t sure which is best for you and your dog, please contact the owners (information at the site), describe the dog’s level of training and your level of experience and ask. You won’t get any bad recommendations there.

  5. C.S.

    I came across a dog training product review blog, I think you might find something there that helps you. Your other option would be Google, but there could be a lot of junk on there sometimes.
    If you wan to check it out, you can visit dogtrainingpr.blogspot.com.
    Hope it helps!

  6. marci knows best

    First, getting a good quality trainer is worth every penny. They can see what you might be doing wrong and show you how to train and communicate with your dog. Second a dog learns from watching other dogs. Seeing that other dogs also have to mind is invaluable.
    Here are some sources for top trainers:http://www.nadoi.org/index.htmhttp://www.apdt.com/

  7. Anya D

    PetSmart and community centers normally have cheaper classes. you could start there. they’ll give you a good idea of what to do.

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