We are moving somewhere and the previous owner had two dogs. My dog is allergic to fleas and I just want to make sure its all clear before we head in. I’m also going to give him a capstar when we get there so any fleas that live there will jump on him and die..


  1. Brown Sugar

    it’s best to fog the house twice. do Black Flag first. wait a day or two then do Raid. fog the attic, crawl space, and garage too. use lime from Home Depot around the outside of the house.

  2. save money on electric

    Honestly, you don’t need to waste the money on a fogger or spray to kill the previous dogs’ fleas – and even if you do, those fleas may be resistant to the drug used in the foggers/sprays, rendering it totally useless. Fleas are incredible in their ability to mutate and resist the drugs that we use against them.
    Before you move everything into the house, give it a very thorough cleaning. Shampoo all of the rugs (you should do that anyway, just for general cleanliness) and mop all of the floors. Make sure you get into all of the corners, and under everything. Any furniture that is staying in the house should be vacuumed thoroughly, under the cushions, along the sides and back, etc.
    Once you vacuum and mop everything, the chances of a flea or egg remaining in the house is slim to nil. Treat your dog the day that you move in, so that in case any fleas somehow survive your scourge of the house, they will take one bite and die.
    You should, however, spray the yard for fleas, if there is one. Obviously you cannot vacuum your grass for fleas (your neighbors might think oddly of you if you tried), but a good yard spraying before you move in will kill any adult fleas lingering in the grass, and render all eggs sterile. Of course, you can never keep all fleas out of your yard – as soon as you treat it, they will migrate back into the grass from neighboring yards, or be transported by squirrels (who are HUGE flea carriers). Keep treating your dog as usual, to make sure he doesn’t pick up fleas from any of these sources.
    Good luck! My dog is allergic to fleas as well, so I feel your pain. I am constantly washing her bedding, vacuuming all of our furniture and bedding, etc. to make sure she doesn’t get them.

  3. Petula K

    Thats the best way to fight fleas is by doing a treatment to the dog. Is capstar like advantage? The drops you put on the dog? That will do it by itself- They land on the dog and die. Soon every flea in that house will be gone. The foggers are harsh to the air in your home. And could make you and your dog sick. Just get some drops and let them die out.

  4. anonymou

    We have used Hot Shot No Mess. It doesn’t leave greasy residue, and there’s no scent afterward. We did need to re-treat a week later though.
    We don’t have indoor animals, so in our case, treating the dog would not have worked inside our house.

  5. Sarah

    We fogged our garage once and it stank for about 2 weeks after that – so I dont know if I would recomend doing you whole house.

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