1. Ski Freedom

    Wash the dog with Dawn dishwashing detergent
    to kill fleas. Important to rinse really well. This won’t
    kill the flea eggs.
    Have you tried Frontline to kill the fleas ?
    Frontline usually works very well.
    If you’ ve tried Frontline & it didn’t work
    maybe what your dog has isn’t fleas.
    Lots of other stuff around.

  2. kikitiki

    If by ‘over the counter products’ you mean Bio Spot or some other type of flea drops sold at grocery stores, they don’t work at all, and can cause dogs and cats to have seizures and/or die.
    If you find a home remedy that works very well, you should patent it because you will become a millionaire. There is no home remedy that works very well! Otherwise everyone would use that and not have to use Frontline or Advantage.
    Your time and money will be better spent on high quality, and SAFE, flea preventatives such as Frontline. Also, there are pills called “Capstar” that kill all fleas on the animal within 4 hours. They do not prevent new fleas from getting on the animal though. These are also purchased through your vet and are very inexpensive (about $3 per pill, only need to be given once).
    Also, for every ONE flea that is on your dog, there are approximately FIFTY fleas in the dog’s environment, breeding and laying eggs. My point is that you must also control fleas in the environment…your house, your dog’s crate or pen, the yard, etc, to ever control the fleas on the dog.
    Beware of anyone telling you to use garlic. Garlic can cause hemolytic anemia in dogs. You won’t have a choice but to take him to the vet if he develops that.
    You probably don’t like my answer but it’s the truth. I’ve been in the veterinary profession for 6 years and have seen it all: herbs, shampoos, flea collars, grocery-store drops, gasoline, motor oil and every single thing in between. And NONE of those things have ever worked. I have treated seizuring and dying animals due to over the counter flea drop toxicity, eating flea collars, and being subjected to ridiculous home concoctions.
    Summary: safe and effective flea prevention on the dog (ie, must get from vet!), kill fleas in environment (frustrating and can be expensive), and be very careful about home remedy type things because they could be dangerous. Good luck.

  3. pgnprinc

    Whatever you do DO NOT USE HARTZ FLEA PRODUCTS. They make animals sick and are killing them too. It killed my dog.
    I read this next bit online and have heard MANY good things about it
    Table Salt T & Diatomaceous Earth
    I just wanted to comment on the fleas section. It is true that any shampoo will kill fleas, but it needs to be left on for 30 min. Also, if you have a flea infestation in your house, just spraying your animal wont help. You must treat where the fleas live. See, they only feed on your animal. I have tremendous luck using table salt and food-grade diatomaceous earth all over the house to kill fleas and prevent. The salt (I prefer organic unprocessed sea salt) cuts into the body of the flea and then allows the DE to dehydrate the animal. Salt by itself does seem to work also, I just like a faster approach. Keep in mind though that this means of defense does take up to 2 months to work as some fleas are still hatching. In really bad infestation, it could take longer. I think flea eggs can survive up to 280 days. I would also like to recommend quadruped pet products. I work at a holistic pet care center and this is what we use to bathe the animals. They do not contain(unlike most pet shampoos) any harsh chemicals. Also, all their products are concentrates so it is much cheaper than buying the harmful stuff from pet shops or grocery stores.”

  4. Chalice

    You don’t need to take him to the vet, you can pick up a treatment from them without taking him.
    No store bought products work, as you’ve just discovered, so don’t waste your money on them. Just pop in to a vets and get some Frontline, and make sure it goes on the skin of your dog, not his fur.

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