i live in a rental apartment in kentucky and for most of this summer i have had a problem with fleas in my apartment..i have contacted my landlord and they have done nothing about the problem. now me and my husband are getting sick from all the flea bites…i have tried several types of flea spray and have even tried diluted bleach as a spray…nothing works…any suggestions?


  1. IrishGal

    unfortunately fleas are incredibly difficult to get rid of and your best bet is to go with an exterminator.

  2. Mr. Christopher

    Read your rental contract and see if it includes exterminating, like once a month. If not, call an exterminator and try to pass the bill onto the landlord.

  3. Red Rooster

    Use sulphur candles in safe non- combustable place like bathtub. Leave the place and stay away for time. return air out and repeat at next egg cycle. Vacuum everything!

  4. Grandma

    sprinkle gold bond medicated baby powder all around and on everything. the fleas can’t breath the fine powder and they all die. wait for three days and then vacuum. no more fleas ever. seriously. it does work.

  5. The::Meg

    The ONLY thing I have found that actually works is RAID flea spray in a purple can… places like Wal Mart sell it. Around $7 a can.
    I got a bunch of them after rescuing a kitten some *&@# threw out in the median of a highway… powders, other sprays, repellants did nothing until I got the RAID

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