It’s almost that time of year and I am already finding fleas on my pants when i come inside. What is the best product that I can put on my lawn that prevents fleas but won’t harm my dogs?


  1. Cure for Cold Sores

    pool filter sand. it cuts the bellys of fleas and other soft bellied insects like ants and such. you just sprinkle a light amount over the ground.
    its fairly inexpensive, beats the @*&^? out of chemicals!
    you find in the pool supplies area of the walmart type stores or a pool store will have on hand earlier in the year.
    remember to reapply after rain.
    we lived in a very sandy area, fleas til the first snow! we have an in/out dog, had an in dog and six in cats. this worked very well for us!

  2. Kacky

    You could try growing fleabane. it’s one of my favorite wildflowers and the colonialists swore by it. It must work because I have 3 cats and never had a flea.
    Some people consider them weeds because they’re too easy to gow. But I love them. If they seed where I don’t want them, I just pull them up.

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