my cat just recently decided to make herself an indoor/outdoor cat and she’s fixed and has her shots so that’s fine, but what is the ebst way to keep the fleas out? she’s been treated w/ advantage, but i want to make sure there’s no pests!


  1. Catman81

    If shes been treated with advantage you shouldn’t have any problems. And be sure and keep her away from the hiways

  2. momcat

    Advanatage works well, you shouldn’t have any problems if you use it monthly. Revolution is really good, too, and helps prevent feline heartworms.

  3. cutie_ba

    You should give your cat advantage its a medication that keeps flees from biting your cat but they can still travel on your cat. That’s when you bring out the cat brush.

  4. winelove

    A small bandana around the neck to which you have applied Pennyroyal Oil …… better than anything else on the market and it is organic and totally pet safe.

  5. jessicadavid p

    add garlic in there food once a day it works really well and use a flea med like front line

  6. San Diego Art Nut

    Advantage is the best. There are also some cloths that are pretreated which you can wipe her with to catch any which just get on her. Keep her bed and other things she sleeps on clean.

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