We have cats but they do not go outside evever. I think my family brough them in by goin’ in and out. I’ve bathed all the cats, cleaned all the sheets, vacuumed the carpet multiple times and used advantage on all the animals. Also, we tried using the advantage spray to kill the fleas on the couch, carpet, rugs etc.. but we still have fleas! What is the best way to go about ridding my home from these little pest? Preferably without calling an exterminator.


  1. pebblesp

    Get yourself a large bag of baking soda it’s around $5 from the local wholesale club store and a large bag/box of iodized salt for about $3 mix together and sprinkle liberally around the carpeted areas…. The baking soda will smother larve and the salt will dissolve eggs! As well as deodorize AND pick up loose debris! The carpet will look brighter and NOT smell. If you have a bag vacuum pick-up some extra bags AND a couple of cheapie flea collars (put 1 in the bag/canister).
    Vacuum really well EVERYDAY for awhile and dispose of bag… You can sprinkle this on your soft surfaces as well and vacuum away!
    **You can also- use some foggers/bombs and leave the house for a few hours just be sure to take your pets!
    I used an ORTHO Product that had a money-back guarantee which I used. Some of the canisters didn’t discharge but, the company gave me my money-back… RAID makes good foggers as well….
    Good luck

  2. hfp22

    Vacuum and wash your carpet and then bomb your entire home with Flea bomb cans. Then spend the night at a hotel and come back the next day. Open all the windows and doors and get all the fans in the housing blowing. Then take off and go watch a movie and let your home air out. You may want to wash your clothes. It sounds like a lot of work but it is a lot cheaper than calling a exterminator. I did this and it worked. I had previously called out the exterminator but the problem came back. I think I was more thorough than he was.

  3. manfromc

    you get 5 cans spray from home depot then DI fled the animals. tack Avery living thing from the house close doors and windows, all fans pout one can an each room rel is the trick er and ,run out of the house ,3 hr,later come open the doors and let the ear circulate in all rooms for 20 minuets and then is OK.get the automatic canes

  4. Melancho

    I’ve heard of bombs you can set off in the house that will kill all fleas. I’d suggest you get out of the house for a while…just follow directions. Ask a pet store if they carry it or where you can get them.

  5. saaanen

    The best way is to get Frontline or Top Spot from your vet. It will kill the fleas on the animals, and subsequently, all the fleas in your house. Ask your vet for the explanation of how it works.

  6. dorkotro

    diatomaceous earth is an awesome safe and natural option that fleas can’t become immune to. it doesn’t harm us or pets–a food grade version is actually used in grain, so we’ve eaten plenty of it in our lives–but its microscopic jagged edges will cut open the fleas bodies and cause them do dehydrate and die. sprinkle it around and it will get deep into carpet and cracks in the floor where fleas live. you can even put it on your furniture. and it’s cheap!
    try mixing 3 cups of diatomaceous earth with 1/2 cup of boric acid (borax, the laundry aid) and sprinkling this around the house. vacuum before so it penetrates better. use a broom to work it in. vacuum again in a few days. fleas will be dead, and you and your family will not suffer from chemicals.
    be sure you use some made for food or garden, not swimming pools. they are processed differently, and the pool filter version is really dangerous for the lungs. you can get diatomaceous earth in gardening centers and feed-and-seed stores.
    by the way, years ago my house was (like your’s) unexpectedly taken over by fleas. it turned out that a possum had died underneath my house, which had a small crawl space, and the fleas had abandoned the ship and came to feed on me and my indoor cat. perhaps you have a similar problem in a basement, crawlspace, or attic. good luck!

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