Also, how long will the fleas live, ie, if we just shut a door and don’t go into that room for a week or so will they die?
We have treated our cat with Frontline which is supposed to be very effective, but the fleas are still around the flat.


  1. wc_bot04

    Frontline is great, You want to put the cats that were treated with frontline into the room with the fleas so they die on contact, Fleas are unstoppable pest that will not die!!! you can leave unhatched eggs for over a year and once they detect heat they will hatch, you need to spray all the carpets and keep the treated cats as a magnet to kill the fleas! also make sure that the flea spray you buy kills all 3 stages of flea life not just 1! good luck, it’s time to bring out the big guns! also they sell great Flea Traps on ebay, they are a tiny plastic thing with holes and a light on top the flea jump to the light and fall onto the sticky paper it kills thousands that you never would have imagined were in your house.

  2. jingobin

    We had the same problem once. One of my cats got out and actually got so many fleas on her she died from it.
    Use Adams Flea Room Fogger. Its the best.
    and Adams Flea & Tick Water Base Mist if you get em on you

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