What is the best way to get rid of fleas from my cat?
I have tryed everying.
Please help, because it makes me ichy.


  1. Daydream

    Make an appintment with the vet. Apply Frontline, Revolution or a capstar to kill the fleas. Get your house proffesionally sprayed for fleas. Good luck !!

  2. I â?¥ my doberman

    bring it to your Groomer for the day..have them deflea it..while the cats away for the day…bomb your house!

  3. Logo Design

    A dose of Advantage is $10 and available from the vets. Store bought flea medicines usually don’t work and many are too strong (lax quality control) and can poison the animal. There are quite a few counterfit meds in the stores as well–they’re ordered from warehouses, whereas the vets order direct from the manufacturer and get the right product.
    The Advantage works in heavy flea summer weather for 6 weeks, we put it on the outdoor strays too. Indoors use the vacuum cleaner on all the wall cracks, furniture and rugs, this will kill 99% of the fleas that get sucked up into the vacuum.

  4. Tessa

    You can give the cat capstar, it will kill the adults fleas immediately. Then I usually keep my cats on Revolution and there has never been a flea problem at my house. If your yard and home is infested then a professional needs to come in and kill them. I have never had to removed from the house. The best way to deal with fleas is to always have your cat on flea prevention and never get fleas going. They are very hard to get rid of once they infest the house or yard from what my vet has told me.

  5. The Shmoo Knows

    Advantage flea topical drops is what works for me! You can get it at Farm & Fleet, Petco, and at the vets office.You can also get it on Drs. Foster & Smiths web site store.

  6. Butterfl

    I went to the vet’s office and picked up two Frontline products: one product you spray on your cats scruff, and the other is a powder you sprinkle on your floor so any fleas that jump off your cat are quickly killed. Then pick up some flea shampoo, and a flea comb. Our routine was to vacuum, sprinkle the floor, bathe the cats, comb them to get any fleas we could, then spray their scruff once they dried. It took a few weeks to completely get rid of the fleas, but we had three cats. It wouldn’t hurt to get the Frontline solution from your vet that you squeeze onto their scruff, but we were on a budget at the time and the spray was cheaper since we had three cats and only had to buy one spray vs. 3 gells. Hope this helps! (ps: I’ve never had much luck with the collars, though they’re probably the cheapest route if your cats are stricktly indoors).

  7. zamarel

    Get Frontline or Advantage, that you squeeze on neck monthly. May take a few months and be a little more expensive, but works great.

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