I have been trying to get rid of fleas that have infested my rooms upstairs where my dog stays. I have used 12 foggers and 5 cans of spray and I still can’t get rid of them. Does anyone have any suggestions?


  1. BeckyC

    Salt definately does the trick. My house was infested a few years ago. And the Salt did the trick. I tried bombs and nothing got rid of them like the salt. The more coarse the salt the better, even rock salt would do it. The salt dries them up. Also, to get them out quick spray pinesol, I bet vinegar would do the same thing. Whichever you have on hand, I would do first. Then put the salt down liberally. Infact, to keep from having this problem, since my last infestation, I have been adding salt to my carpet fresh and the carpet gets salted before i vaccuum.

  2. Donna K

    you have to fog three tmes – 1 to kill the fleas – then a few days later to kill the new ones that hatch, then once more to be sure. At the same time you have to treat you dog for fleas in the same 3 day cycle. And not let the dog out sde to get more fleas. I had to go through this with my cat.

  3. Hummer H1 Parts

    Just regular bug bombs won’t work because they only kill adults. Get a flea bomb at your local L&G center. Follow the instructions carefully and it will not only kill the adults but the larvae and eggs. Then a day later vacuum well to get up all the dead ones.
    You also, if you have pets, need to treat them because they can bring new fleas into your house after you are rid of them. Ask your vet for help.
    Another also. It’s a very good idea to treat your lawn because fleas live there also and if you treat the house and pets but not the lawn they can get from the lawn onto the pets and back in the house. Treat the lawn with bifenthrin (sold as Ortho MAX). You can get this at the L&G center too.

  4. college kid

    the suggestion about salt sounds good but what about the pet eating it? For myself it is impossible to keep pets out of treated rooms for days…any thoughts?

  5. Kathleen B

    We have 2 cats and 1 dog – I use Borax sprinkled on the carpet and other surfaces and then left for 1-2 days. Then I vacuum it up – this gets all stages of the flea life cycle and doesn’t bother the pets (they go where they please) – this has never failed to work for me.

  6. saved one

    Fleas, ticks etc hate Eucalyptus, a light spray with an atomiser works wonders.Might take a couple of repeats but should work well.

  7. aussieca

    Heavy coat of SALT – table salt…on the rug. Leave it as long as you reasonably can, preferably overnight, if you can keep the dog out of there (you don’t want him in it) and then vacuum it up thoroughly. It worked for my friend in the country who has about 2 dozen dogs and cats in and out of her house all the time. She said she had it so thick on the rug you could see footprints in it like snow!

  8. Baby'sMo

    i was just chewed up and i had 6 cats, i finally found the flea drops they sell at the vet, Revoloution is one brand, and when all the cats had been treated even the ones in the carpet began to die off, it took maybe a couple of months for all the ones in the carpet to kick the bucket but no sprays , no bombs, just the one little dropper of stuff on each cat, it cost me 30 dollars a month to treat the cats but it was such a joy to have no more fleas.

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