Our dog has been living inside the house for a few weeks, on the tiles near the front door. Just noticed a few fleas in the lounge room carpet and need to try to get the upper hand on them before it’s too late. Help!


  1. Paul in San Diego

    At pet stores, you can get a flea spray with a chemical called Precor in it (I believe the brand name Zodiac makes it). The Precor causes the fleas that subsequently hatch to be sterile, ending the flea life cycle.
    When you have fleas, they lay eggs in the carpet and in other plush material. If you just spray with a standard flea spray, you’ll kill the living fleas. But, the eggs will hatch a week later and the fleas will be back. When you use a spray with Precor, the fleas that hatch do not mature and are unable to generate new eggs. So, you spray a second time a week later and you kill the newly hatched fleas. And, since they couldn’t lay new eggs, the life cycle is stopped.

  2. pebblesp

    Give you dog a bath with DAWN dish detergent let it sit for acouple minutes.. It less toxic than regular flea shampoo. Especially, if you use flea drops which are toxic. Then treat your dog with flea drops..
    Get a big bag of baking soda 12 lbs. costs around $4 and get a big box of iodized salt. Mix them together in a ziploc bag and sprinkle liberally on the carpets.. If your vacuum is a bag vac be sure to have extra bags/filters/belts etc.. ! If it’s bagless you may have to replace the hepa filter…. You’ll want to leave the baking soda/salt mixture on the carpets at least overnight… The baking soda will smother live fleas/larve while the salt shatters the eggs…. PLUS it will brighten and deodorize the carpets…
    VACUUM EVERYDAY for at least acouple weeks… Just the act of vacuuming will decrease the adult live flea population by 94% said a recent survey conducted by OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY. Also, fleas don’t like cedar so in hard to reach places or closets and under furniture get some cedar blocks and stash them away.. Also, wash/vacuum pet bedding…
    To check for fleas: Get a shallow light colored dish and fill with acouple inches of water- Add a few drops of dishsoap. Set a desk lamp over the dish and leave it on the floor overnight the warm liquid will attract fleas and they will jump in break the surface tension and DROWN… MUAH< HAHAHAHAHA... Good luck

  3. cheers98

    I had the same problem in the summer. Before the fleas take over your house,cover the couch, chairs, tables and whatever else can’t be moved. Remove smaller items, knick knacks etc.and make sure to remove the pets. Buy a flea bomb and set it off in the infected area. Check the label to see that it will cover the square footage that’s needed. Also make sure the bomb says it’s for fleas. I think i used the RAID brand it’s a blue or purple can.It did a great job. One more thing. Use ADVANTAGE on your dog so he doesn’t bring in any others. good luck

  4. Jim W

    Treat the dog with a flea bath and then a flea collar from a vet. Seal your house, bug bomb and the vacuum the carpet, repeat the bug bomb in 3 weeks and then in another 3 weeks. Good luck.

  5. Belinda

    both of our dogs have fleas for the first time and when we noticed the fleas one night we used avon skin so soft and put frontline on them the next day. we have treated inside and out and given flea bathes and they still have fleas. frontline plus is not working. what do we do to get rid of the fleas. is there any product that works?

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