Our 2 cats have had their 1st Advantage treatment and the majority of fleas have left their bodies, but the house is still teeming with them.


  1. AbeLinco

    Nothing fancy, get Black Flag for fleas.
    Also use a vacume cleaner, often.
    Also, comb your cats often.
    Another thing you can use, which is old time, are sulfur candles, you have to have your house empty of all living things that you do not want to kill, have the windows closed, and leave for the day/night.
    The sulfur dioxide gas kills every insect, plant, ect in your house, but leaves it smelling like hell. I have not used it myself, just heard my grandparents talk about it, and I am old man myself. Not for asmatics, sulfur dioxide triggers attacks.
    I do not like those fancy new chemicals they now use for fleas, I am concerned it is killing off the bee population.

  2. maggie

    Fogger with all pets out for the day or if you cant do that then i sugget a good flea powder on the carpet and a good vacuum and carpet cleaning and wash all bedding yours and the cats.Advantage is very good and will work but you need to treat the house.I did mine once and even did the furniture and in two weeks they were all gone but took all that and was lots of solid work but well worth it.

  3. Whitney F

    I grew up with lots of fleas in the house. The best thing that ever worked growing up was paying the bigger bucks to go on and have an exterminator come. Mom tried to save money by getting the flea collars, vacuuming everyday, setting off bug bombs about every 2-3 weeks, but it was a losing battle. Once that exterminator came, BAM! No more fleas! Of course, there was also the boarding cost for our cat and dog for the afternoon, but it was well worth it.
    I still remember having fleas in my socks and all the bites I’d get around the ankles. I feel for you!

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