I’d like to get rid of fleas inside and keep them from getting in–how do I get rid of them outside. I have a puppy that keeps getting them.


  1. Jessica M

    You can get a fogger for your house. You start it and it takes a few minutes but you or your pet can’t go back in your house for about four hours. That will kill all bugs inside. On the outside you can get a spray at Lowe’s or Home Depot or a Co-op or a place like that and spray your whole yard and it will get rid of them. You will have to spray again but the frequency depends on the kind of spray you get. When you go to the store, ask someone who works there and they will tell you what your options are.

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    For the home – Depending on your state laws – you may be able to pick up two insecticide products:
    Suspend and Precor – You can mix both in the same treatment – Follow directions on the bottles – Suspend will kill the fleas and Precor is a “Growth Inhibitor” – stops any live females from reproducing.
    Once you treat the animal/s – Treat the house – and wait three weeks and apply a second treatment to the house (for any eggs that may have hatched).
    In addition – buy a flea collar – cut it up and place it in the vacuum cleaner bag – eggs tend to hatch in there!

  3. billybob

    Frontline house cleaner is the first step, then a general hoover then lots of cleaning, you just need to get general chemicals about to kill the fleas.
    Also if you have a carpet seriously consider getting rid of it, fleas just live in the carpet and wait for the dog to be safe to go on again.

  4. yumiistr

    Theres no way really, you just have to keep checking your pet for fleas, and get them treated the quickest and most effective way possible to prevent from getting them in your home. When your puppy gets them, make sure he stays away from any beds, couches ect. and try to keep him outside for the time being, so as to not get them in your house. Good luck!xox<3

  5. Goldschlager 2

    spray your home and get your dog groomed and sprayed for fleas.
    Don’t allow your puppy to go outside in the grass ever.

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