I have four dogs and Im battling fleas on them left and right. I dont know if and where they might be getting them outside or somewhere else. Looking for a proven solution if there is one.


  1. slickshi

    ADVANTAGE! with four dogs it will cost you a bit but it will keep them off you dogs for a month and if you keep reapplying every month like you are supposed to it will get rid of the flea problem in the house too. As far as getting rid of fleas outside is a losing battle. It’s like killing all the ants outside or mosquitos. It can’t be done.

  2. TJ

    OK i go and get malathion or diezione either one for the out doors! for the indoor get some joggers for the house! also eucalyptus tree oil and bark! do the yard first let it dry ,then while you are doing the house!shampoo your dog with flea and tick soap!than after the bath and drying add the oil to the skin ,behind the scull ,down between the shoulder blades and at the beginning of the tail

  3. tattoome

    Flea fogger and flea collars. When I used to live in Florida my dogs had really bad sand fleas after switching them to flea collars and fogging the house the fleas just stopped appearing.

  4. cj

    Get Syphotrol from your veterinarian. Ask for concentrate solution and get a sprayer (applicator) to mix. If you buy it already prepared it costs a fortune.
    Do Syphotrol treatments 2 weeks apart.
    It’s also a good idea to spend the night at a hotel while you set off fog insecticides – take the pets with you.

  5. foreveri

    They are most likley getting the fleas from outside and you can’t kill the fleas outside there’s too many of them. I have four dogs too and so far this year they haven’t gotten any fleas. I suggest going to your vets office and picking up some flea medication like advantage or something. Your vet will know the best kind. Then get some shampoo and wash all four of your dogs really well. And if you go to a pet store or even the grocery store in the pet aisle you can get this spray and powder stuff for your home. Just vaccum your floors and couches then spray it with the spray, and the powder stuff is for the dog if the baths don’t kill all the fleas put the powder on them and then wash them again. Flea combs can help get fleas off too. The most expensive part will be the flea medication, but it’ll help. Oh ya flea collars work too sometimes, but I wouldn’t spend your money on a flea collar they ware off and sometimes don’t even work.
    Good luck getting rid of the fleas.

  6. Senthil k

    You can use any one of the following commercial products as our experienced pet owners suggested-
    Flea fogger and flea collars
    But I think you can subject your dog for proven home remedies for flea control. They are-
    1.Add little vinegar to the pet’s drinking water to control flea
    2. Prepare a solution with 1 table spoon full of citronella oil, 1 tablespoon ful of Eucalyptus oil, 1 cup water, 1 cup Avon Skin So soft, 2 cups vinegar. Apply this solution on the dogs coat on alternate days.
    3. Suspend a light bulb just above a pan of soap water or oil to collect the fleas within your home.

  7. ?

    Go to Wal-mart, buy a yard spray for fleas. Spray every 10 days (at least 3 times) outside. Keep dogs off of yard til spray is dried. Inside your house get some_BORAX…Once you have under control-Frontline, buy from vet for your dogs,.

  8. Spanish mortgages

    maybe you shuldnt let your dogs stayed out dooor too long or sitting on the grass cause there are alot of fleas and bugs to get on your dogs bodies . but any ways the good idea is getting your dogs wearing dogs fleas collars or buy some pets fleas and tickes medicans where you buy at the pet market . it sometimes works to get rib of something like that but i have a dogs and they dont have fleas cause i use dog fleas and tickes shampoo to help them not get them . plus there is one more thing . maybe you shouldnt have your dogs hang around with other dogs who can gave fleas or ticks too.

  9. Wildwing

    We had a horrible time with fleas a couple years ago on our cats. We used Frontline on the animals themselves, which worked like a charm; we use it every month from spring to fall as a precaution and haven’t had a problem since. As for the furniture and carpet, fleas cannot lay eggs in them like most people assume; however, eggs and fleas will fall off an animal (or even come in from outside on your pants legs). Be sure to cleanse the rugs, couches, etc. to get rid of the pests that are there. When the fleas can no longer reside on your dogs long enough to lay eggs, the flea problem will go away. It takes a little while, though. I think it took us about a month for the cats to be rid of the fleas.

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