my dog is two months and it did not take a shot yet we cannot allow it to take a bath and there are fleas.


  1. HDB

    Flea collars are actually pretty worthless and don’t work over the dog’s entire body area.
    You can take the pup to a vet and buy an individual dose of Frontline or Advantix. Since his weight will be changing often in the next few months, you can purchase single packages.

  2. cowgirls

    My Dad always sprinkled garlic powder on our dogs food and fleas hate the taste of garlic so they took off. It always worked when I was a kid but I personally prefer to use the injection from the vet (the name of it escapes me at the moment). But if you ask the vet for the injection one they will know what it is. It has worked the best for everyone I know.
    My pets have been allergic to the drops to the point that I have had to rush them to the vet. So I shy away from the drops now. Especially since they are oil based and it is really hard to get all of it washed off your pet if they have an allergic reaction.
    And why can’t you give it a bath yet? I bathed my puppy when she was only 7-weeks-old and it wasn’t a problem.

  3. James H

    I used to use Frontline, but switched to Advantix, which also gets rid of ticks. In upstate NY, where I live in a residential area and my dog doesn’t run loose, I haven’t had a problem with ticks over the past 20 years that I’ve been taking care of dogs and I don’t know anyone else who has had a problem with ticks. I don’t encounter flea problems every year, so I wait until the first sign of flea problems before applying Advantix, then continue to use it until the first frost, which saves me a lot of money. The fleas are usually gone in about two weeks. I don’t know how old a dog should be before you start using Advantix, so it’s a good idea to check with your vet to be on the safe side.
    I don’t understand the bathing issue, but I know my dog doesn’t like baths and the only times she gets one is when she needs a little comfort from seasonal allergies, and she knows it’s for her own good. She might be ok with baths now, I don’t know, but the vet always comments that she is so clean and I can’t bring myself to admit that my dog cleans herself.
    Some places used to offer free flea dips, but I haven’t seen any offered in my area for several years. Those were effective for one of my other dogs, who didn’t mind baths. We would set off bug bombs in the house, take the dog for a free flea dip, then ride around in the car while the dog dried off and the bug bomb dissipated.
    Hope this helps. Please note that I’m not an expert. What works for me might not work for everyone, so your mileage may vary.

  4. protoham

    Shave off half the hair, set the other half on fire, when the fleas come running out, stab them with a pick.
    Ok it is only a joke.
    Use Front Line, it is a gel, that you place on the back of the neck. It works. I found the best price on Ebay, they ship it from overseas, but it is the same stuff you buy at petmeds.

  5. Sam W

    Few dog owners are fortunate enough to avoid an eventual run-in with fleas, the most common dog parasites. Even with regular bathing and grooming, the tireless critters can find their way to the tender flesh of unsuspecting dogs (and dog owners). The bloodsuckers not only don’t pay rent, they cause itching and can transmit diseases to their hosts.

  6. Katie

    My kitten had fleas when I bought her and we got advantage from the vet which worked like a charm. For the house, the vet gave us some spray which was very convenient because we did not have to leave the house like one would have to for the flea bombs.

  7. instant-messaging

    Call your vet.
    A flea collar, isn’t going to do anything in first place, i’ll just kill the fleas that around the neck. Please fail to use HARTZ or any other brand that you buy in a super market. These are poison and can kill your animal(s)

  8. staggerl

    your dog is two months old. Why can’t you bathe “it” ??
    My dog has been swimming every day in the summer since almost birth. The vet says he doesn’t need flea meds because the fleas won’t dig in on wet fur. He’s 5 and I’ve given him 2 doses of flea meds ever.

  9. Betina, Lily's mommy!

    You can get stuff from the vet. pet store, or even most grocery stores. It’s just a liquid you put a small amount on the dog’s back that kills the fleas. I usually just get an off-brand and it works fine and is only around $5.

  10. Jaime M

    use a capstar then put a flea medication (revelution, advantage, etc.) you shoes problem “bomb” your house too. You can buy flea bombs to your house isn’t infested o.O you could also ask your vet too

  11. scrfrk23

    if you go to walmart or target you can get a little squeeze bottle of flea and tick repellent.

  12. Angy

    why can’t you give him a bath?? you dont have yo have a flea bath just a regular bath
    flea drops and bomb the house

  13. chihuahu

    why can it not have a bath??? Get some advantage, frontline or revolution. Flea collars do not work anyway

  14. killer

    take to the vet if possible. but if not than go to the store and get a special medication and put it in its food

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